I threw down the gauntlet in my support for PW


Below in quotes is what I pasted over at wsufootballblog and thought I would share. There has been some good dialogue on both websites.  I see the 2 camps as this: Camp 1 is supporting PW based upon his new recruits and some of the guys they already have in the program pointing to the fact that they are talented and class acts.  These supporters also pt to the injuries as the reason for non-competitive football.  Their position is that this yr is a complete throw away and we cannot truly even begin evaluating PW until next yr. 

Camp 2 is concerned that we are heading the way of UW with Paint Dry Tye.  Good recruits, class acts, but the coach (TW) was unable to produce results.  Obviously this camp does not want to waste another 2 years if this is where we are headed.  As support for their position, they pt to the lack of competitiveness with the majority of teams WSU has played over the last 17 games (and competitiveness being defined as being w/in 7 pts at half).  They also pt to PW's complete abandonment of his offensive philosophy last yr as someone who is completely unsure of himself and in over his head and the Lopina/Lobbestal/Tuel disaster. 

Camp 2 certainly recognizes the economics, but at the same time as an attorney I certainly know how companies spread costs, particularly unexpected costs over time with backloading contracts.  I am in Camp 2 and I have a number of buddies on both sides of the camp and everyone wants what is best for the Cougs.  So I tried to come up with an objective solution to appease my Camp 2, which is the reason for my below post.

BTW, I am just having fun because I recognize that even if PW is another TW that decision won't likely come until the end of next yr. unless of course he doesn't even meet my standard which is read by some big donor who then sends him packing as a consequence!

Ok, ok. I am beating a deadhorse, but I have to until Longball cries uncle.
Numerous posters has pointed to Idaho to show how to rebuild. I first have to disclose that I am a graduate of U of I as well as Wazzu, but my backing is solely of Wazzu but I am always glad to see Idaho do well except against Wazzu.
Here is a link or website to CFN season review of Idaho for 2008. If you see, Idaho was competitive in some games, but often threw great one or two punches at the beginning of the game against some of their bigger opponents before being taken behind the woodshed.
So I am throwing down the gauntlet Longball, if you want me to believe that PW is rebuilding us like UI, then in the remaining games we need to be competitive (i.e., within 7 at half) or possess a lead sometime in the 1st qtr. If you don't think PW is capable of doing that, tell me why I should give him a free pass

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