Some observations on the UCLA game

Well, it was a total turd, and a complete disappointment as we thought this was a game we could be competitive in, and it turned out sooooo baaaaaaad.  But while watching it, I did manage to make some observations.  Some good, some bad, some just interesting, to me at least.

I figured before I tossed the paper I wrote them on, I'd share them in case anyone was still interested.  I've already written some of them under various comments here and there, but here they anyways.

The Good?

  • The O line showed some improvement.  We only gave up 2 sacks, against a pretty decent UCLA front 4.  One of the sacks came on a linebacker blitz, where he wasn't picked up, but otherwise, we did really well overall.  None of the interceptions thrown was because of pressure.
  • The D line had a couple of stretches where it was able to generate some pressure and be disruptive, but wasn't able to do it consistently.  Hopefully we continue to see those flashes in the last couple of games.
  • There were several plays where our LBs were in a position to make a play for short yardage, but took a bad angle or were just too slow to get to the ball carrier.  On some, you could tell they recognized what they were looking at while the play was developing, but again, just not able to close and get it done.
  • Overall, the D did a better job tackling if they got there, with a few notable exceptions, but were still having a hard time shedding or avoiding blocks.
  • We saw some blitz packages in the scheming Saturday!  I think that talent/speed/line wise, they thought UCLA was a team we could pressure, and while we only got 2 sacks, Prince was definitely hurried on a number of throws.

The Bad

  • 3 interceptions, 2 off of audibles, none were rushed/hurried throws, all came from staring down recievers.  Moore was looking into the pocket and was floating towards the spot ML was going to throw it before he threw it.
  • While the O line did better on pass protection, we still couldn't get any push to help out the RBs.
  • Prince's 68 yard TD run.  First, our WLB took a bad angle, then got flat outran.  Then our safety took a shot at him on the sideline, but again, had taken a bad angle and only hit him with a fingertip.  Meanwhile, our other S/LB was chasing a receiver and had turned his back on the whole thing until Prince went running past him.
  • Dumb, shoot your team in the foot mistakes, like pump faking an outlet to the RB and letting the ball fly out of your hand.  It was a fumble, but thank goodness it wasn't a turnover.
  • Speaking of fumbles... et tu Kevin Lopina?
  • And, speaking of turnovers... et tu Reid Forrest?

The Indifferent?

  • Kevin did a decent job for being so rusty.  I noticed, however, that he seemed to want to get all the yardage at once, rather than checking down and looking underneath, where there were some options on a few plays that ended up as incompletions.
  • Dwight Tardy and Andy Mattingly are on our special teams coverage units.

Nothing there to make anyone feel any better, really, but there it is.

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