Pac 10 is losing chances to prove the doubters wrong

Okay okay, we all knew the Pac 10 was going to be "down" this year.  It seems like every day I'm hearing or reading about another non-conference loss. I wanted to examine just how bad it was.  If you would like to know, read on.  It isn't pretty.

I've sorted the key games thus far into Bad Losses, Bubblicious Losses, Bubblicious Wins, and Good Wins (hint, there aren't any). I was actually pretty generous about considering some teams on the potential bubble this early in the season, so some of these wins & losses will end up looking even worse than they do now.  Of course, some may prove to be better, only time will tell.


Bad losses:

Sacramento St. 65, Oregon St. 63 (@OSU)

Loyola Marymount 67, Southern Cal 59 (@USC)

Montana 68, Oregon 55 (@Oregon)

Oral Roberts 83, Stanford 81 (@Stanford)

Cal State Fullerton 68, UCLA 65 (@UCLA)

Texas A&,M-Corpus Christi 67, Oregon St. 43 (@Lubbock)


Bubblicious losses:

Wisconsin 65, Arizona 61 (@Maui)

Portland 88, Oregon 81 (@Portland)

(24) Syracuse 95, (12) California 73 (@MSG)

(18) Ohio State 76, (23) California 70 (@MSG)

Texas Tech 64, Oregon St. 60 (@Lubbock)

San Diego 77, Stanford 64 (@San Diego)


Bubblicious wins:

Stanford 57, Virginia 52 (@Cancun)

Arizona 91, Colorado 87 (@Maui)

Arizona St. 52, TCU 49 (@ASU)

(14) Washington 74, Wright State (@UW)

Good wins:

I’m not seeing any.


GAH!!! Half our conference already has a bad loss at home! Nobody, I repeat, nobody has a good road win, not even a road win that will likely matter on the bubble. Nobody has a great win period. At this point, it's looking like our best conference win is UW beating a solid Wright State team in Seattle. However, we will have plenty of chances to rectify this during the next month before conference play begins.  We really need the conference to step up it’s game!

Here are some key matchups in the next month:


(14) UW

@ Texas Tech Dec. 3rd.

(19) Georgetown Dec. 12th.

Portland Dec. 19th.

Texas A&M Dec. 22nd.


(23) Cal

@ New Mexico Dec. 2nd. (no, seriously. I live here. UNM is actually pretty good)

@ (1) Kansas Dec 22nd.



@ (7) Duke tonight!

Baylor Dec. 3rd.

@ BYU Dec. 8th.



Portland Nov. 26th.

(1) Kansas Dec. 6th.

Miss. State Dec. 12th.

@ Notre Dame Dec 19th.



(24) Vanderbilt tonight!

UNLV Dec. 2nd.

@ Oklahoma Dec. 6th.

NC State Dec. 23rd.

BYU Dec. 28th.



vs. Oklahoma or San Diego or Houston Nov. 28th (we better get to the championship game at the Great Alaskan Shootout)

@ Gonzaga Dec. 2nd

@ Kansas St. Dec. 5th.

LSU Dec. 22nd.



@ Missouri Dec. 5th.

St. Mary’s Dec. 12th.


Oregon State

Colorado Dec. 4th.

@ Nebraska Dec. 12th.



Nebraska Nov. 29th.

@ (3) Texas Dec. 3rd.

@ (25) Georgia Tech Dec. 5th.

(11) Tennessee Dec. 19th.



(5) Kentucky tonight!

Oklahoma St. Dec. 16th.

@ Northwestern Dec. 19th.

@ Texas Tech Dec. 22nd.


UW, Cal, ASU, and USC have the best chances to make some strong statements about the Pac 10 this year.  Arizona, WSU and Stanford all have opportunities to beat multiple potential tournament teams.  We need to start winning a lot of these games or the Pac 10 may not send more than 3 teams to the NCAA tournament come March.

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