On the BCS and Bowl Selection Committees

If you haven't seen the bowl selections yet, here they are:


Citi BCS National Championship Game
Texas vs. Alabama

FedEx Orange
Iowa vs. Georgia Tech

Tostitos Fiesta
Boise State vs. TCU

Allstate Sugar
Florida vs. Cincinnati

Rose Bowl Game presented by Citi
Ohio State vs. Oregon


I'm going to ignore the Rose and Orange bowls and focus on the other 3 bowls involving teams that have legitimate gripes with the BCS.

What the BCS, and specifically the selection committees, did here was set themselves up for a "we told you so" moment and essentially created the matchups in order to shed the system in the best light.  Specifically, the Boise State-TCU matchup highlights what's wrong with the system and the screwing non-BCS conference schools get.

Here's what the BCS wants to happen, in my mind:

BSU-TCU: Who cares, one of the smaller teams takes out the other undefeated team

FLA-CINCY: Florida takes out Cincy

This leaves the Alabama-Texas winner the undisputed national title winner in the minds of those that run the BCS. 

It's a shame they don't even have a plus one system this year because Texas, Alabama, TCU, and Boise State or Cincy (probably the latter), could really make for some entertaining games.  Instead, we get the same junk again and two non-BCS teams playing each other instead of getting a shot at the big boys.  The system is broken and has always been broken.  Unfortunately, the money invested in the bowls and the current system will prevent it from being fixed anytime soon.

I'll take my tinfoil hat off now and hope Cincy beats Florida and that TCU-BSU is an entertaining game, causing BCS chaos.  I really have no interest in watching B12 vs SEC football for the national title as it stands now.

Also, if you like cheap entertainment remember to follow @insidetheBCS on twitter.  In order to make it easier to see what people think, check out this insidetheBCS twitter search.  The public has spoken and they are pissed.

1 Alabama 13-0 1 2841 .9968 1 1470 .9966 1.0000 2 .998
2 Texas 13-0 2 2721 .9547 2 1409 .9553 .9200 3 .943
3 Cincinnati 12-0 4 2467 .8656 4 1280 .8678 .9300 5 .888
4 TCU 12-0 3 2579 .9049 3 1336 .9058 .8400 4 .884
5 Florida 12-1 5 2395 .8404 5 1240 .8407 .9100 1 .864
6 Boise State 13-0 6 2358 .8274 6 1216 .8244 .7800 6 .811
7 Oregon 10-2 7 2130 .7474 7 1096 .7431 .7800 7 .757

Edit: Added the final standings for the top teams. Notice Cincy was ranked 2nd by the computers and one loss Florida was ranked ahead of TCU. They also have Oregon and Boise State equal and well behind the rest.  I'd love to know how the computers rank, too.

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