Folks, this isn't going to be pretty

So I wrote a post 6 games ago after the USC meltdown ("meltdown" and "game" are becoming synonyms in this team's vocabulary) about how there was still a chance for this team to go on a run and make the postseason.  I was actually starting to believe it after a giant road upset of ASU and a 7 point lead early in the second half against UA.  Then the Cougs did what they do best, let the other team go on a ridiculous scoring run to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Now here we are, after probably the most mind-boggling meltdown of them all.  If you were like me after the game on Saturday, you were in disbelief that your team just failed to scored at ALL over a near 10 minute span in a game against an average defensive team (100.1 defensive efficiency) who gives up 52.5% eFGs.

Well it happened, now we are 5-8 with five games left featuring 5 of the 6 best teams in the conference, three of which on the road.  Let's break them down (kind of, okay not really) one by one.

USC:  This might be our best shot.  We dominated this team for 30 minutes, but as we've learned this season, basketball games are 40 minutes long.

UCLA: I cannot find a legitimate argument on how we could beat this team.  They have great outside shooting at four positions, which is a Pack defense KILLER.  Plus, if we get a superhuman effort from a guy like Caleb Forrest to keep it close, we have shown over the last two years there is no answer to Darren Collison at the end of close games.  He gets in the lane at will. Sometimes I wonder why he just doesn't do it the whole game.

UA: Ugh.  More of that outside shooting.  Also the athleticism on defense gives our guards trouble.  Baynes did not neutralize Jordan Hill like I would have hoped.  Plus, UA is on fire right now.  They haven't beat anybody but the Oregons on the road, so I hope that helps.

ASU:  Well we beat them last time, but who is counting on 8 more Klay Thompson threes this time around?  I'm not.  This is the only game I will be attending in Pullman all year and it is Senior Night, let's hope TR decides he wants to go out with a bang.

UW:  Last game was ugly.  UW was fired up and really stuck it to us.  They look (throw up a little) good this year.  They are finally living up to their five star recruit potential.  They play defense.  There will not be 3,000 Cougs in attendance like the last 2 years.  I hate UW.

So 5-13 conference record is a real possibilty.  I think the most realistic record we can hope for is 7-11.  Niether of those records will give us a chance at any sort of postseason play, barring a miracle Pac 10 tourney run.  Not exactly what ANY of us predicted going into this season.

But we will keep watching.  My girlfriend made a great point while trying to console me after the OSU loss.  I was wondering why I care so much about sports, it has ruined so many Saturdays for me throughout my life.  She said, "I guess that is the what you have to pay for all the enjoyment you get out of the wins."  So true.  I can still watch that Gonzaga game and it hasn't stopped giving me goosebumps.  The outlook is grim, but keep watching because if we beat any of these teams, it will be a huge win and it will make your night. (As long as it is televised.  By the way, the USC game is going to be on tape delay,TV starts at 10pm. Feel free to continue FSN bashing.)


Also, this video has nothing to do with basketball.  It is just funny.  Andy Samberg is hilarious.  Enjoy: (Skip to 25 seconds for it to start)

SNL/The Lonely Island - I'm on a Boat (HD) FT. T-Pain (via Itachi202)

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