If you could build a team around one recent/current WSU player...


Who would it be?  Here are some choices:


Derrick Low



Pros:  Excellent shooter, especially from 3.  Great at coming off screens looking to shoot, became better at driving to the hoop.  Decent quickness, decent perimeter defender.  Solid ball-handler.  Good FT shooter.  Was the number one scorer on a team with several options.

Cons:  Much less of a PG than a SG, relied a lot on screens to set up shot opportunities.  Not an elite athelete.


Kyle Weaver



Pros:  Athletic, long, tall for a guard.  Could fill the stat sheet in multiple ways.  Very smart player, did a lot of little things.  Lockdown defender.  Good at attacking the rim, good enough perimeter shooter to keep defenders honest.  Solid FT shooter.  Could guard multiple positions.  High bball IQ.


Cons:  Not a great 3pt shooter.  Not exceptionally quick or strong.  Rarely a dominant scorer.


Taylor Rochestie



Pros:  Excellent PG with the ability to score as well.  Nice 3pt stroke, could attack the rim with a running floater.  Excellent leadership qualities, always wanted to take the big shots.  Crafty, intelligent player.  Great passer and manager of the offense.  Excellent FT shooter.  Can play effectively with high minutes.


Cons:  Listed at 6-1, probably not that tall.  Not an elite athlete. Sometimes tried to do too much.  Could get overly emotional at times.


Aron Baynes



Pros:  Dominant low-post presence. Incredibly strong, tough, physical player who made large improvements every season.  Good rebounder, nice 6-8 foot hook shot.  Great option for penetrating guards to pass to.  Great size for college.  Ambidextrous.  Good FT shooter, especially for his position.  Generally commanded a double team from opposing defenses.  Good low-post defender. Shot 100 percent from three this season.


Cons: Fairly slow, even for position.  Not an explosive jumper.  Somewhat limited arsenal of low-post moves.  Lacked a 15 foot jump-shot.  Not the best passer out of the post.  Picked up a lot of fouls, struggled against NBA-caliber centers, overly emotional at times.


Klay Thompson



Pros:  Good size for position.  Great shooter both from 3pt and 15 ft.  Very even-keeled.  Decently athletic, can guard multiple positions.  Can score in bunches, has a scorer's mentality.  Excellent FT shooter.  Decent rebounder.  Has three more years to develop his game.


Cons:  Limited in attacking the basket.  Does not draw fouls well.  Not overly quick nor an exceptional ball-handler.  Could use more strength.  Leadership qualities unproven, as well as ability to be the primary scorer.  Could possibly stand to play with more emotion.





If you've got another cougar player in mind, please mention them and why.

This FanPost does not necessarily reflect the views of the site's writers or editors, who may not have verified its accuracy. It does, however, reflect the views of this particular fan, which is just as important as the views of our writers or editors.

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