Cougs Nearly Sweep All-Academic Awards!

This could have just been a FanShot but I wanted to elaborate a little bit.  Check out the Pac-10 All-Academic Men's Basketball First Team:

First Team, Year, GPA, Major
Aron Baynes, WSU, Sr., 3.24, Movement Studies
Derek Glasser, ASU, Jr., 3.14, Communications
Daven Harmeling, WSU, Sr., 3.54, Health and Fitness Education
Nikola Koprivica, WSU, Jr., 3.39, International Business
Taylor Rochestie, WSU, Sr., 3.37, Communication

from the Pac-10 official site.

Hmmm, no biggy, just four of the five First Team spots are occupied by WSU Cougars!

Now that is what I call upperclassman leadership.  Let's hope that in addition to all the basketball knowledge our guys passed on to the freshmen this year, there also were some nuggets regarding study habits and the importance of a college degree. 

I don't want to be too cheesy here, but it is good to see that Tony Bennett means what he says about teaching the guys to become men, not just basketball players. 

Also, with all of the negative attention the last few years around the football team, it is very refreshing to see a basketball team with good habits, obviously reflecting the personality of the coach.  This is what college is truly about for most of these guys, and if / when their basketball careers peter out, whether here or abroad, they will have something to fall back on.

For completeness sake, here is the Second Team:

Second Team, Year, GPA, Major
Nikola Knezevic, CAL, Jr., 3.03, Interdisciplinary Studies
Rihards Kuksiks, ASU, So., 3.07, Business Communications
Roeland Schaftenaar, OSU, Jr., 3.17, Pre-Business
Drew Shiller, STAN, Jr., 3.08, Communication
Jordan Wilkes, CAL, Sr., 3.13, Social Welfare

And don't forget, this was last year's team (emphasis mine):

First Team Year GPA Major
Bret Brielmaier, ARIZ Sr. 3.09 Interdisciplinary Studies
Robbie Cowgill, WSU Sr. 3.36 Management Operations
Taj Finger, STAN Sr. 3.06 Communication
Daven Harmeling, WSU RJr. 3.51 Health and Fitness Education
Taylor Rochestie, WSU RJr. 3.27 Communication

Second Team Year GPA Major
Alfred Aboya, UCLA Jr. 3.06 Political Science
Aron Baynes, WSU Jr. 3.15 Movement Studies
Nikola Knezevic, CAL So. 3.21 Interdisciplinary Studies
Nikola Koprivica, WSU So. 3.31 Undeclared
Roeland Schaftenaar, OSU So. 3.29 Pre-Business


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