CougCenter Bracket Challenge standings: I am suck

If we've established anything through this bracket challenge, it's this: Being good at analysis does not make you good at prognostication. My bracket is still in dead last after three rounds, and although it has the potential to get into the middle of the pack if I get all three of my remaining Final Four teams correct, I'm still nowhere near the lead.

However, IF I get every remaining pick correct, I actually win this thing believe it or not. (The Yahoo! scenario generator says so. I encourage playing around with that thing.)

But I don't expect that. Let's establish what I don't know:

  • I thought North Carolina was ripe for an upset somewhere along the line. Boy, was that dumb. They are clicking and running on all cylinders at the moment.
  • I thought Gonzaga's defense really was improved. Boy, was that even dumber: Three games in the tournament, three games of 108 defensive efficiency or greater, each one bigger than the last, culminating with last night's 125.4. Screw you, Mark Few -- I hope you go to Oregon or Arizona, because you will be completely overmatched.
  • I thought Michigan State was a product of a mediocre Big Ten, thinking the Spartans probably didn't have enough offense to get past USC and go deep. Guess I was wrong about that, too.
  • I thought Missouri was a product of a mediocre Big 12 -- the same Big 12 which now has two teams in the Elite Eight. Losses to Kansas (by 25) and Texas A&M in which they played atrocious defense had me skeptical.  I believe, OK? Unlike Few, I just hope Arizona is not interested in Mike Anderson. I do not want to see that in Tucson.
  • I thought Pittsburgh was going to be the national champion. Only a horrific decision by Lavance Fields that turned out OK has kept them in this tournament, and I'm pretty sure they're going to lose to Villanova today.

    But then again, the way this tournament has gone for me, because I think they're going to lose today, it probably means they're going to win.

You know who doesn't suck? 02Coug, who soared into the lead with a perfect 8-for-8 Sweet 16, narrowly edging past Pman and LeaveItToWeaver -- who, incidentally, took seventh last year in the WSU Hoops bracket challenge. Maybe I should start consulting him? What do you think, Mikey?


Possible Pts
1 02Coug Connecticut 79 175
2 Pman North Carolina 78 174
2 LeaveItToWeaver Louisville 78 166
4 From Way Downtown North Carolina 75 163
4 displacedcoug Connecticut 75 163
6 JimTheCoug Pittsburgh 74 162
6 WazzuCougar02 Pittsburgh 74 146
8 Shadycoug Louisville 72 160
8 LAtona Coug Louisville 72 160
8 Cougwatch Connecticut 72 144
11 num204 Pittsburgh 71 167
11 HitKing69 Pittsburgh 71 159
11 SuperShadow Louisville 71 159
14 DCinSEA Pittsburgh 70 158
14 bertel Louisville 70 150
14 Kyle's Bracket Pittsburgh 70 134
17 JonF Memphis 69 85
18 johnnycougar Pittsburgh 68 164
18 Dancing Football Louisville 68 156
20 Bracket Pick Graveyard Connecticut 67 163
20 Taylor Rochestie's Scholarship Connecticut 67 163
20 Saved by Capers North Carolina 67 163
20 dflynnwsu North Carolina 67 155
20 SW WA Coug Pittsburgh 67 147
20 WSU Tru Coug North Carolina 67 139
26 StraightOuttaPullman Pittsburgh 66 138
27 wsuakl86 North Carolina 65 161
27 TiltingRight Pittsburgh 65 161
27 jj_fekl Pittsburgh 65 137
27 Paul Thomas Pittsburgh 65 129
27 Peaty411s Louisville 65 129
32 K-Coug Louisville 63 127
33 907coug Pittsburgh 62 150
33 rcm_rx7 Connecticut 62 150
33 james_WSU North Carolina 62 150
33 BigWood Pittsburgh 62 126
33 cougclayton Pittsburgh 62 118
38 MattPD No Pick 60 108
39 Gocougs Louisville 59 147
40 thecassino Louisville 58 122
41 Philkid3 North Carolina 57 121
42 NYCougs Villanova 56 144
42 cougars16 North Carolina 56 144
44 CleenCoug1 Memphis 53 61
45 Nuss * Pittsburgh 52 140


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