Cougar Football Recruiting Wishlist

With the commitment of Eli Edwards over the weekend, the 2011 cougar recruiting class is up to 17 known commits. I would like to break down this class by position, and take a look at what the cougars need to do with the last 8 slots.

QB: 1 (HS, Cody Clements)

RB: 2 (HS, Bishop Sankey and Demarcus James.)

OL: 1 (JC, Rico Forbes)

WR: 2 (HS, Henry Eaddy and Isiah Myers)

DL: 4 ( 3 HS, 1 JC TJ Poloai, Dexter Davis, Brock Lutes and Eli Edwards.)

LB: 5 ( HS Max Hersey, Chester Sua, Darryl Monroe, Logan Mayes, Tana Pritchard)

DB: 2 (HS, Max Gama and Spencer Waseem)


A couple of notes on these:

Brock Lutes is 6'3 210 after dinner MAYBE, and has a very long way to go if he is going to play DE, and may be a candidate for LB or TE.

We are going to be full up on linebackers over the next few years, that is for sure.

Looks like we are continuing to emphasize defense in recruiting, with 11/17 scholarships heading to the Defense.


Now, with 8 remaining slots in this class, what do the cougs need to help them continue to improve in 2011 and beyond?

The most obvious gap in that class is on the OL, where only one guy, JC transfer Rico Forbes, has committed to the cougs. I would like to see up to half of our remaining scholarships going to the OL, with one or two JC guys and a couple of HS players as well. We need to increase the talent level of our line, no two ways about it.

Assuming 3 scholarships go to the OL, I would like to see us add another WR and DB, bringing both of those totals to 3 in the class. If we are going to commit to the spread, having a rotation of 6-8 receivers is necessary. We have to layer that talent as well, so that when this year's frosh group is gone with all their receivers, we do not fall off in our rotation. Defensive back is also a position where it is important to have a deep rotation, so the same applies to them.

With 3 scholarships left, I would like to see a big anchor of a JC DT that can come in and play right away. If Toni Pole steps up as well, we might get to see what Rankin can do on the outside, though I think it is safe to say that he can play inside, especially with 15 more pounds. I have dreams of a line consisting of Long, Pole, (insert JC DT) and Rankin.

With the last two spots, I think a JC  RB and possibly a big bodied tight end to develop into an OT would fit the bill just fine.


If the class fills out this way (however unlikely) then our totals would be this:

QB: 1, HS

RB: 3, 2 HS 1 JC

OL: 4, 2 HS 2 JC

WR: 3, HS

TE/OL: 1, HS

Offense: 12

DL: 5, 3 HS, 2 JC

LB: 5, HS

DB: 3, Hs

Defense: 13

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