Coug Wars Episode IV: A New Hope


Editors Note: So I made a comment on the recent article on whether or not Paul Wulff should get an endorsement and it was clearly too long to be a comment and too short to be a novel.  Barely.  So when that happens, you make a fanpost or a novella.  I'll work on the novella next.  But here is my comment:

I don’t need Moos to tell me what I think in regards to Wulff because I think that he has not just earned another year (or two) but that it would be the best thing for our program.

I look at a team that I think is going to be really good in 2013 and possibly decent in 2012. And that team was built by Paul Wulff. Some of his coaches certainly give me pause, but the construction of this team is the most excitement I’ve had as a Cougar fan in years. The idea of what this team will look like when Jeff Tuel is a senior gives me real hope and not hope that’s 4 or 5 years away.

I think what I was looking for going into the season was hope. I still had some hope in 2008 because you never think you’ll be worse than that.

I had lost hope in 2009.

So coming into the season, I wasn’t looking for wins – I was looking for hope. I think we all were. Last season before a game you might have had a “Haha, MAYBE WE CAN!” glimmer of something in the back of your mind. Like when you buy a lottery ticket. But by the middle of the first quarter you started picking on yourself for being so stupid.

Being bad isn’t the worst thing that can possibly happen to a school. There are plenty of bad teams. Plenty of teams that are bad and get better. Texas looks pretty bad right now. The sting comes from being so bad, that teams feel like they can not prepare to play you and then proceed to blow you out. From being so bad that sports DJ’s and pundits propose you no longer belong in the Pac-10 and that USC should go independent because then they wouldn’t have to play WSU anymore. (I really heard that on an LA radio station)

At the end of last season, after losing our last 6 games by an average of 42 to 9, it was easy to be mad at Paul Wulff. Not for losing, but for losing so bad that I had to wonder myself if we DID belong with the rest of the league.

And the only reason that I held onto the belief that Wulff deserved one more year was Jeff Tuel. If Wulff could somehow find Tuel and get him to come to WSU, maybe there was something there that was worth waiting for.

So after eight games do I have my hope back? Yes. After four games, I probably would have told you something different. Hanging tough with SMU could not offset the near loss to Montana State and the drubbing by Oklahoma State and giving up 50 to USC. I would have been okay with the end to Paul Wulff right there.

But what a difference four weeks make. After nearly doing away with UCLA in the Rose Bowl, we’ve played these teams better than many other teams have this season. And now I start to say to myself “Wow, we’re gonna beat somebody”

Maybe that’s stupid in retrospect to get excited at the fact that you think you’re going to win a game – but it is what I asked for. A little bit of hope.

Endorse him and I’ll applaud it. But if you decide to wait it out and never mention anything and “Hey it looks like Paul Wulffs still here” that’s fine too. But it might be good for the program to announce “This is the direction we are going to stay in”

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