A Gut Check for the Cougs


After Saturday’s meltdown in the desert it is time for these young Cougs to dig deep down.  They need to realize that they are division one athletes and the need to play like it. Yes, there young and raw. To quote our friend Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins: “It’s division one football!” There really aren’t any leaders that have emerged, that I can tell. Someone need to take the bull by the horns and make this their team and give these guys a kick in their rear ends. The excuses that our guys our young and inexperienced is starting to wear thin. The excuse that the grueling schedule took it’s toll is a load of crap, excuse me but it’s true. We got our butts handed to us  by a team that has only beat 1 BCS team and their other two wins were against Big Sky teams. And don’t get my started on Dennis Erickson! Okay, I had to vent a little here is what is troubling me. 

Whether we like to admit it or not this game against California is a must win! This game probably will determine the fate of embattled coach Wulff. This game is important to the team, the program and us as fans. We need a win so desperately, we need to get his monkey off our back. What a better way to do so then at home in front of the Cougar faithful.  What really gets my brain churning is do these players want and support CPW? I haven’t seen any proof of these players standing up for their coach, Alex Brink stood up for Bill Doba in 2007. I hope I am wrong and that’s not what is going on, it just seems that there is almost a disconnect. I have ominous feeling about this aspect of the team, and I just can't shake it off. 

I know we aren’t supposed to talk about the coaches and their job security.  All I have to say is that I’m glad I’m not Bill Moos. I wouldn’t want to make the decision he has to make at the end of the year, regardless of what it is. I have the utmost confidence in our athletic director, he’s smart and crafty and I’m certain he will make the right decision.  I guess I’m just tired of loosing teams, I just had to throw my hat in the ring and share how I feel about what’s going on.


Here what losing looks like.

My teams:



  • The Seahawks are not very good and rebuilding and we all saw that Raiders game on Halloween
  • The Cougar football team is the brunt of every joke and we are 4-30 in the last 2 1/2 seasons
  • My favorite NHL team is 3-7-2 and 29th (out of 30) in the league  Hello #1 Pick!
  • The Mariners, well that's all I have to say… ( I’m a Giants fan but I still follow the Ms)
  • Sonics are gone and OKC is becoming a very good team



Giants did win last night, but still pretty pitiful sports of late. 


Enough! At least Cougar hoops has started!



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