WSU Position Breakdown: Quarterbacks


WSU has a long tradition of excellent quarterback play. After a few years of terrible talent and horrendous injury to the Cougs Under Center, 2010 has shown that we may be on track to regaining our place as QB U.

Gordy Anderson Fr, 6-3 215 0 pass attempts Port Orchard, Wa


I had no idea that this guy was on the team or a quarterback, and I have a feeling it is best if it stays that way. I don't mean to knock the 4th, 5th and 6th on this team, but if we see them on the field it likely means that Tuel, Halliday, Lobster and others have gone down, and our chances of a good year go with them.


David Gilbertson Fr* 6-1 207 0 pass attempts, Woodinville, WA


David Gilbertson is excellent at calling in the signals on the sideline. Hopefully he continues to show that prowess for the rest of this career. Again, if he shows up we have some big issues.


Connor Halliday, Fr (shirting) 6-4 175 0 Pass attempts, Spokane, WA


Connor Halliday is one of the big reasons I am excited for next year. If he can put on a little weight and be ready to go next year, it opens up a lot of things for Jeff Tuel because an injury to him does not leave us with the Lobster. He has a big time arm, a great frame and a real knack for throwing an accurate ball. I have seen him beat Tuel multiple times throwing into the basket, and I am excited about what he can do down the line and in place of Tuel.


Marshall Lobbestael, Jr* 6-3 210 15 attempts, 7 completions, 61 yds, 0 tds 0 ints, Oak Harbor WA


I wish the Lobster was a lot better than he is. Unfortunately, he is not and that is not his fault. He has played with a lot of guts for the cougs in his time here, and I will always appreciate that. Had he been a Coug at another time with a more talented surrounding cast he may have been much better. However, the teams he has led have been historically talent bereft and he does not have nearly enough to overcome that. He has one more year here, though I anticipate that Halliday will be taking most of the backup snaps as long as he is ready to go physically.


Jeff Tuel, SO 6-3 214 331 attempts, 194 completions, 2482 yards, 15 tds 11 ints CA


This is Jeff Tuel's team, and the success of this team now and in the future resides in his hands. He has shown enormous potential to go along with his sizable production. Next year he can play loose and attack, knowing that his backup is a legitimate QB and that an injury to Jeff doesn't turn our offense back into the 3 and out machine it has been the last few years. If he continues on his current improvement arch, we could be looking at our last year with Jeff. I am not sure how he feels about school, graduating and all the other things ouside of football, but another 10-15 pounds and an increase in production akin to what he had from last year to this year will put him on a lot of NFL team's radar.


Daniel Wagner, Jr* 6-0 211 0 pass attempts, CA

Not a ton to say about Wagner. He is a guy that could be on the field next year, but not at QB. He is WSU's backup punter, and next year will be the Year Without Forrest. Wagner could be the man to attempt to fill those beautiful, enormous shoes.


2010 Production

Jeff Tuel is the Man, and that's all I have to say about that. Clutch plays, deep balls, great touch and as soon as he stops locking on his receivers he is going to dominate the Pac 12. You can run and tell dat, homeboy.


2011 outlook:

A mobile newcomer in Cody Clements is the only real change to this squad. Clements will undoubtedly red shirt, and Tuel will undoubtedly start. Halliday and Lobster will battle for the second team snaps, and the position will be in better long term shape than it has been in since the early 2000's. If you are not chomping at the bit to watch these QB's develop then you might as well quit watching College Football. This is what it's all about.



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