Okay, now that I've covered that for everyone, I expect to see NO MORE OF IT.

Sure, that wasn't pretty at times.  It took a long while for the offense to get going and the game wasn't really super comfortable until Faisal Aden scored eight quick points around the midpoint of the second half.  However, the Cougs still walk away from this thing with a 74-52 win over Texas-Pan American.  A few notes:

  • The defense held a bad offensive team to a bad offensive night.  Can't really ask for any more there. TPA posted just a 39 eFG%.
  • Early on it looked like WSU was going to fall victim to Spokane Arena's terrible shooting reputation, but by the end the stats looked pretty solid.  A second half barrage of threes brought the team eFG% up to 58.3%.  If not for one Coug having a terrible night, that would have been even higher.
  • That Coug was Abe Lodwick.  He started the game off chucking every three he saw, and it did not work well for him.  He went 0-5 and it sounded like he was passing up open looks in the second half. I hope for his sake he busts out for at least one game.  That has to be frustrating.
  • The final margin of victory was only three points off what predicted, although I'm pretty sure this game was played at a faster pace than the 67 possessions that was based on. EDIT: I was wrong, they game was actually only played at 64 possessions.  Even better!
  • Brock Motum continued his dominance of bad teams, going 6-7 from the floor for 13 points and seven rebounds.
  • Klay Thompson sat to start the second half.  Not sure why, but I'm guessing Vince will find out later.
  • MARCUS CAPERS HIT A THREE POINT BASKET.  The first of his career.  It came after he assisted on a Klay three-pointer.
  • Faisal Aden did what he does best in the second half, score in bunches.  There was a point in the game where it looked like he was having an awful shooting night, but he ended up going 8-15 and 4-6 from three for 20 points.  Now if he could just improve his shot selection, he could be an ultra-efficient player (I guess that comes with the territory on a guy like him, though).
  • Aden also had 7 defensive rebounds.  No doubt taking advantage of Texas-Pan Am's small lineup to pad his stats.
  • Bud was noticeably bored calling this game.  He even called it a yawnfest at one point.
  • Reggie Moore played 32 minutes and took one shot.  ONE SHOT.  He had zero points and five assists.  Maybe he was just trying to get teammates involved, or maybe that wrist still has a ways to go to be fully healthy and he didn't want to risk it against a team WSU should easily beat.  Reggie was a really efficient offensive player last year, we want him taking shots and attacking the basket.
  • Klay only played 23 minutes. It was because of foul trouble and some unknown other reason, but I will take it.  
  • Texas-Pan Am dominated in free throw rate.  They posted a 42.0, while the Cougs only shot 8 free throws against 60 field goal attempts.  That is a free throw rate of 13.3, well below the national average of 38.1.  That is pretty strange considering the size advantage WSU had.
  • I would have liked to see WSU dominate the glass against these guys, but they didn't.  I'm just going to accept that they aren't a good rebounding team and be glad they are good at other things.

So that wasn't the dominating performance one would expect.  However, considering that this team was coming off the emotional high of destroying their rival in an electric Beasley Coliseum and was playing a team they were clearly superior to in a lifeless Spokane Arena just two days later, "struggling" to a 22 point win is just fine with me.

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