WSU Position Breakdown: Offensive Line

I've been sitting on this for a while waiting to finish it (read: Procrastinating), but while studying for finals I decided to use my procrastination for the good of Cougar Football and finish this one as opposed to fancy booklearnin.

Anyways, here we go.


Brent Anderson Fr 6'1 260 Kennewick, WA

Freshman depth. Hopefully he gets another couple inches on him because 6'1 260 is a filled out frame and it is too small for the O line.


Elliot Bosch Fr* 6-4 258 Spokane, WA

Coaches seem high on Bosch, and he has the frame to fill out to 300 eventually. If he can get up to 280 by next year he could find his name in the mix.


John Fullington Fr 6-5 268 Belfair, WA

Fullington has great technique and excellent feet to go along with his solid frame. He has struggled at times this year, and is highly susceptible to a strong bull rush. However, as he grows and gets stronger, the bull rush should lose its effectiveness against him and he will be a very solid O lineman. Look for him to get up closer to 300 pounds and be a strong bookend for the next 3 years.


David Gonzales Jr 6-6 275 CA

Gonzales was doing an excellent job of protecting Tuel's blindside before he broke his wrist. He is not a mauler in the run game, but he is a good pass blocker and some added size and strength would go a long way for him. At 6'6 275, he is long and lean for an O lineman. If he can pack on 20 before next season he could become dominant.


BJ Guerra Jr* 6-3 315 Moses Lake, WA

BJ Guerra is a perfect example of a Defensive Tackle playing Guard. He is strong as a bull and very quick but seems a little lost in the complexities of blocking. He gets beat inside too often, resorts to holding more than he should and struggles to visualize the blitz pre-snap. He is, however, one of our better run blockers and is one of the few guys on our team who can physically handle Pac 10 DT's.


Micah Hannam Sr* 6-4 283 Gig Harbor, WA

Micah has been a fixture for the Cougs at RT, and for good reason. He has good size, strength and foot quickness, though none of these traits are spectacular. He is consistent and does not get injured, which is the greatest praise an O lineman can receive.


Tim Hogdon Fr* 6-3 291 CA

Hogdon has the size to get in the mix on the inside. He is ready to go from a purely size perspective, but I have not had the chance to watch him play or know particulars about him.


Wade Jacobson Jr 6-6 304 CA

Wade has come in and been OK. He has not dominated but he has not been dominated. He is a big, strong guy and supposedly a nasty blocker. However, it has been pretty apparent that nobody on our line is a world beater in the run game, and that includes Wade. This is his first year of big time ball though, so next year I expect serious improvements in his game.


Tyson Pencer So* 6'8 330 BC

Tyson Pencer is the opposite of Micah Hannam, in that he has dominant tools but is wildly inconsistent and injury prone. He has the size to play anywhere on the line, but until he shows that he can stay healthy and stay focused I have a hard time projecting him at any position.


Chris Prummer Sr* 6-2 263 Renton, WA

Prummer has been a work horse for the Cougs for the last 5 years on the scout team, special teams and in practice. He does not have the physical skills to ball at this level, but he has a lot of heart and determination. While he did not see the field much as a coug, his work in practice made the guys ahead of him better, and every team needs guys like Chris Prummer.


Alex Reitnouer So 6-5 270 CA

Forced into action as a true Freshman last year, Reitnouer did what he could as a physically overwhelmed youngster playing against the big boys. He has a great frame and burning that shirt turned out OK as he is redshirting this year and will be able to fill out his body. This is a guy who will definitely be making a big impact on the line in the future.


Jake Rodgers Fr 6-6 251 Spokane, WA

Jake Rodgers is a guy who the coaches are really high on, but looks to be a guy who is still at least 2 years out. He is a converted tight end and needs 40+ pounds to be ready to go. Looks to be a tackle down the line.


Andrew Roxas Jr* 6-2 303 CA

Another guy who just cannot seem to stay healthy and consistent. I have heard that he is one of our better blockers at times, but I have also heard he is prone to mental and effort errors. He is a guy who should be getting a shot at serious playing time next year, and we need him to rise to the occasion.


Sebastian Venezuela Fr 6-2 321 CA

Sebastian is probably a little too big. 6'2 is not meant to carry 321, and as a freshman that number almost certainly indicates a soft, fatty guy who needs serious time in the weight room.


Zack Williams Sr* 6-4 289 CA

Despite his struggles with snapping the ball and personal fouls, Williams has been our best run blocker all year and has been decent in his pass pro. He is also the only lineman from this year who will be gone next year, which raises pretty serious questions about filling out his position.


2010 Production:

I think it is safe to say that the offensive line was one of the poorer units on this team in 2010. They gave up an embarrassing 51 sacks (4.25/game) and averaged just 3.17 ypc without quarterback runs included, and 2.6 ypc with those runs factored in. There were also issues with low shotgun snaps from the Ok St. game all the way through the Apple Cup. Tuel seemed to constantly be picking it up off his toes, to the point that it seemed he started to immediately drop his hands and eyes at the snap. Though they rarely got away from him, that split second at the snap of the ball is crucial to reading a defense properly, and for getting into the proper footwork for a QB. It means that he is a half second late in his reads, which means holding onto the ball for just a hair longer which is the difference between a sack and a qb hit or a qb hit and a clean throw. If Jeff Tuel didn' have excellent feet and pocket presence this would have been even worse. He had 87 positive rushes this year, and we know that Wulff and Sturdy were not calling his number at all early in the season. That means most of these rushes came on scrambles, which again shows the issues on the line. To top it all off, our line seemed to commit an egregious amount of penalties. Holding you expect because of the talent mismatches, but loads of personal fouls are simply not acceptable, from any position.


Where do these issues stem from? Firstly, I think the reality of the matter is that most of the guys on our line are simple not very good. Hannam has been a long time starter but our line has been a long time issue. Guerra is a former DT with a holding fixation and issues handling any kind of stunt or move other than a bull rush. Williams can't perform the essential duty of a center adequately and struggled with personal fouls and holding. Jacobsen is a tackle playing guard not because he is better a guard than tackle, but because our other guards are terrible. He could maul smaller DE's, but manning up on a Pac 10 DT is a whole different monster. Gonzales is good in pass pro but mediocre at best in the running game, and Fullington is simply too young and under-developed to play at this level yet.


Another issue is that Gonzales, Fullington and Jacobsen were all getting their first looks at big time ball this year. California Jucos are great but playing there does not make one ready to take on the Pac 10. Very few lineman can make the transition from high school to college right away, and Fullington played admirably in that regard.


2011 Outlook:


4 guys return next year with significant starting experience in Fullington, Gonzales, Guerra and Jacobsen. This means somebody must step up and play center next year, and for the life of me I cannot find a player on the roster that doesn't make me cringe when I think of them starting at Center. Roxas? Shown me nothing yet but a great ability to be injured. Valenzuela? He is young but I haven't heard anything about him being very good. Elliot Bosch still seems a year away from being physically ready and most of the other guys on the roster look like tackles to me. My bet is the coaches are working incredibly hard on finding a JC Center because if we do not find one we are up shit creek without a paddle, boat or the ability to swim. Nobody in the current recruiting class looks to be an interior O lineman, so they better land someone, and soon.

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