Apple Cup Wrap Up


Apple Cup Wrap Up

By: Cougz4Life509

This is not intended for huskies, for Cougs only. I'm not an expert and I will never claim to be one. I am just a passionate fan. 


It was a hell of a game, but it didn't end the way we wanted it to. 35-28 thriller, with the bad guys pulling it out in the closing seconds. The game was overshadowed by some serious nastiness at the end of the game.  I don't want to highlight it has already been reported. I myself in the heat the moment last night said some things on this forum, that I should have not said. Anyway let's talk about the game. Jeff Tuel had a great 3 quarters too bad, we couldn't start out hot in the first quarter. Daniel Blackledge is my player of the game, without  question. He hasn't been the best or the flashiest but he had one great final game. His story of his mother passing really makes you feel for him and root for him.  I wanted to give up in when it was 24-18 and the Cougs scratched and clawed right back to tie it at 28. Then we had our hearts ripped by Jermaine Kearse and Jake Locker. It was the worst possible feeling to have as sports fan! To tie it up and have all the momentum then, in a blink of an eye it's gone and so is the game! Watching the Husky fans storm the field and celebrate on our logo made me sick. It was that or all the beer and pizza I had previously consumed. My favorite play was when Polk went streaking down the field (like he did all night) and Aire Justin caught him from behind. Justin never gave up and that embodies what it means to be a Coug. You never give up and you always fight, regardless if the odds our stacked against you. Our defense didn't show up for the most part, we gave up almost 300 yards to Chris Polk. You can't do that and win, plain and simple. 

We don't know if Bill Moos is going to bring back Coach Wulff, but I would give him another year. We were down and out so many times and we continually fought back and made a game of it. Regardless of what happens to CPW, this program is coming back. It's taking a lot longer than some people would like, but a “Cougar renaissance” of sorts is on the horizon. Jeff Tuel at times looks like Drew Bledsoe out there. Here is my synopsis of  number ten, Jeff has more talent in his little finger than Jake Locker does in his whole body. Before any huskies rip me, who's the better QB?  Jeff really made me believe when somehow he fit that ball between the two husky defenders to Daniel Blackledge. It was almost Drew Brees like, and it made my jaw drop. Initially I thought it was intercepted. We have some young talented players like the Tuel, Wilson, and Mizell. Next season should be a good one. Our offense should be able to put up some points on opposing defenses, the question will be can we stop anyone?

The hardest part of the final game of the season is that the journey that is the football season is over. For me Cougar football is a passion and a love affair. To put all the energy and time into a season and have it end really sucks. This off-season is going to be a long one, and full of story lines. Will the Cougs be better next your? Will Wulff be back? Will this recruit stay committed? It will be an interesting off-season for the ole’ crimson and gray, to say the least. The season was one of flashes of brilliance, and yet another of losing. It was a hell of ride, full of ups and downs. 


A Couple of other notes:


Versus Broadcast

The broadcast from Versus was just dreadful. They announcers didn't know the difference between the Cougars and the Huskies. I remember the announcer saying this could be “Jake Locker’s last game in a cougar uniform.” The color commentator seemed to didn't know what hell he was talking about.

The only good thing about the game was that it was real HD picture, not that crappy “faux” HD that FSN provides. We also didn't have to listen to the UW homers at FSN, Angie Mentink! 


The officials, same old story

What was up with the officials at the end of the game? They couldn't figure out  if Karstetter caught the ball. They didn't know were to spot it and how much time was left. I guess it's case of the Pac-10 officials being up to their usual tricks. (what else is new!) I don't want to sound like a broken record or Coach Walden but they sure missed a lot of holding penalties. We sure as got our fair share of chop blocking and holding penalties. 


Jake Locker and UW’s Bowl 

Jake Locker with all the hype and the five star rating, really never lived up to it. He was christened the savior of Montlake. The pressure and build up for him was immense. Sure he's a really good athlete but he's not that great quarterback. I'm stunned that he is still projected by scouts to be drafted in the late first round. Jake is a good guy but as long as you wear that purple W, I will always hate you. I will respect your game and you as a person. UW will go bowling and they might go the holiday bowl. If this scenario happens they will end playing a good team and I hope that team cleans their clocks. Whoever they play I will be rooting for them as they are my beloved Cougs. It’s not personal Husky fans, it's just how I feel. Do you want us to win? Enough said. 


Why I hate the UW

Nothing embodies UW arrogance like the name of their fight song, Bow Down to Washington. When I was in middle school our principal was UW grad. He really liked to let everyone know where he went to school. Nothing bothered me until after 2002 Apple Cup, that Monday after we arrived at school we were greeted by the husky fight song being played over the intercom. That’s their mantra! They are the greatest thing since sliced bread and they want the whole world to know. They have a huge advantage over us in the world of athletics, whether we like to admit or not.  They are of privilege, while we have to earn everything. We are the little guy (that always gets stepped on) that no one will give a shred of credit to. We are the perpetual underdogs, the punch line of jokes. We are not highly touted, we work hard to make something of ourselves. We will always be little brother and never good enough in UW’s eyes. Being a Cougar isn't glamorous or easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 

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