Bill Moos' Words and What They Mean

Today Bill Moos made it official that in 2011 Paul Wulff will the the head coach of the WSU Cougar Football team.  There has been quite a bit of conjecture as to how it was phrased, and what his words mean, and if Moos really had any other choice.  I'm hear to clarify what it means based on my personal experiences in speaking with Moos and how he has handled his position since his arrival...

As some of you may remember, it wasn't but just a few short months ago we were all hoping and praying that Bill Moos would become our AD.  The man that turned Oregon into a Pac-10 powerhouse and a nationally recognized name has been thought of as a greater savior than maybe even Paul Allen would be were he to give the school all he had in his bank account.  It is because of this that I have been taken aback by some of the reaction to his words today in the official statement released by WSU.

"President Floyd has said from the beginning that the decision on Paul Wulff’s future is mine," Moos said in a release Sunday. "I appreciate his trust and know that his goal, like mine, is to see Cougar football be successful and compete for championships.  That being said, it is my feeling at this particular time that the best course of action to move in that direction is to continue with the current leadership."

Having had the opportunity to meet with Bill Moos a number of times and speak with him I feel like it is somewhat imperative that someone sets it straight right now.  I am not quoting some anonymous insider, I am not claiming that I am an inside source, but what I can speak to is the sincerity of his words in the release based on my experiences in dealing with him.  A few months ago I was lucky enough to get off of work early and go see his pseudo-introduction, it was a "feeling out" both for Moos and WSU before everything got going.  I also asked him during the event if he could ever get Gameday here.  His answer then was straightforward and non-hesitant.  The plan is to be successful on the field, build facilities, gain further success, and force Gameday and the rest of the sports world to take notice of our little corner of God's country out here on the Palouse.  I also got to speak with him after the even for about 5 minutes or so.  Once again he answered any question I had without hesitation or "spin."


When Bill Moos says "my feeling at this particular time that the best course of action to move in that direction is to continue with the current leadership."  HE MEANS IT.  This is not the dreaded vote of confidence, or the grand ultimatum that people seemed to be almost hoping or wishing for when this decision was going to be announced.  It simply is what it is, sincere words from a sincere man, that has a comprehensive plan to turn this school's athletics programs around.  Those many months ago were not my only experience with Moos,  I have had the distinct pleasure of sitting in the man's office and speaking with him face to face.  I got laid off from my first post-college job, in fact I'm still in the market, I scheduled an appointment and actually got face time from him to speak about possible career opportunities in the Athletic Department.

I want to put that in perspective here.  Most AD's in the Pac or in any other conference simply would not give you the time of day unless you had ten thousand dollars in your hand ready to be handed over.  He not only took the time to meet with me, but heard me out, talked to me about the major we share as graduates of WSU (History) and what I can bring to the table.  He has also welcomed me into the department as I harass a number of his employees as I continue to fight.  I'm a 24 year old graduate buried in student loan debt, with a pink slip, and only my passion for WSU athletics to justify my being in the building.  The man has heard me out, talked football with me a time or two, and made very clear what his plan is.  I know that this sounds like I'm cheerleading, and maybe I am a bit, but when Bill Moos tells you something be it face to face, or via press release, BELIEVE IT.

There is no ulterior motive in the man, he thinks about his words carefully, that much is obvious.  However, where some here in the comments, or more likely on cougfan's forums have tried to read into it, I can say with certainty there is nothing to read.  No tea leaves, no gray area between the lines, nothing.  If Bill Moos believes Paul Wulff is the man for the job Right Here, Right Now then know that it is a choice he believes in fully.  Mr. Moos is not a man that is all slick talk and stories to loosen wallets, he is an intelligent professional that knows how to handle a tough or complicated situation.  

Right now Bill Moos says Paul Wulff is our guy.  As a Paul Wulff supporter since the start I can say that it makes me happy.  I know that Mr. Moos listened to a number of our big time donors, and likely to a number of former players, current players, and his own instinct when coming to this decision.  I'm sure of it, because he has heard me out and right now I have literally got nothing to offer beyond passion and a desire to work for the man and for our Cougs.  Bill Moos has a plan, he's already outlined it for us all.  Consider this phase one.  While you consider that, just remember that it is tough to be a Cougar sometimes, but Bill Moos has been to the Rodeo and brought home a damn big buckle for being able to go 8 seconds through some nasty bucking.  We're damn lucky to have him and even luckier that he does not deal in double talk.  When it's all said and done Bill Moos' words are what they are and they should be read as such, no more no less.

This FanPost does not necessarily reflect the views of the site's writers or editors, who may not have verified its accuracy. It does, however, reflect the views of this particular fan, which is just as important as the views of our writers or editors.

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