Who's coming back next year?

2010 football is over, meaning it's time for a way-way-too early depth chart (ok so it isn't really a depth chart, more of a list), along with some of the big-name newcomers.  AND REMEMBER: THE NEWCOMERS HAVE NOT SIGNED YET AND THIS COULD ALL CHANGE VERY RAPIDLY.  So here goes:

QB: Tuel, Lobbestael, Halliday, Newcomers: Clements

RB: Mitz, Galvin, Winston, Burns, Byers (FB) maybe Montgomery, Newcomers: Sankey

WR: Wilson, Karstetter, Simone, Barton, Ratliff, Williams, Bontemps, Bomber

TE: Dunn, Stormo, Lintz

OL: Gonzales, Jacobson, Guerra, Bosch, Fullington, Roxas, Pencer, Valenzuela, Rodgers, Hodgdon, Reitnour Newcomers: Nembot, Poloai



DE: Long, Clayton, Pu'u Robinson

DT: Rankin, Laurenzi, Hoffart, Pole, Spitz

MIKE: Mizell, Bland, Ledgerwood

SAM: Oertel

WILL: AHE, Kaufusi, Markle LB Newcomers: Sua, Pritchard, Hersey, Mayes

CB: Washington, Simmons, Justin, Horton

FS: Toomer, Locker

SS: Bu"CANNON", Carpenter 


Special Teams:

RF (The new abbreviation for punter is RF (Reid Forrest). Deal with it) : Wagner

K: Furney



  • I want to start by saying that I did this with not a whole lot of research.  I was just wondering about it, and I figured I'd write it down in case anyone else wanted to see.
  • WR is stacked.  I'd be surprised to see anyone in the 2011 class not redshirt, unless a talent like Wilson is discovered.  I want to see Bomber get some action (always gotta root for the short guy).
  • LB I think is looking pretty good as well.  With Bland coming back and Sua coming in (please stick please stick please stick!) they could be set for a few years to come.
  • The whole defense really looks pretty good.  I know that they are going to be the same guys that got run over week to week, but hopefully another offseason under these young guys' belts will help them out.
  • Once again (how many times have we said this) I'm worried about the offensive line.  I'm not really sure who will play center (Roxas maybe?).  
  • It'll be interesting to see what happens with Rankin over the offseason, or maybe I should say to see who fills Kooyman's void.

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