NCAA Day Two Recap

First things first: go here and read about the SBN survey.  Then take the 10 minutes or less to do the survey.  It's for a good cause.

If you missed out on today's "action", you should be proud of yourself.  The weather was nice and the tournament was the complete opposite of yesterday.

After the jump, you'll get a bullet point rundown of the day.  Don't expect much analysis this time, because it really wasn't needed today.  Instead, you'll find some fun observations from the day that kept me entertained.

  • Buffalo Wild Wings was working hard yesterday sending games into overtime.  Games were coming down to the wire left and right and the action was non-stop.  The only thing I can blame for today is the fact that everyone who was at the ole' BWW yesterday was too hung over to get out of bed and business was slow.
  • The Pac-10 is now 2-0.  Down year?  Yeah, right.
  • The morning action was so exciting that the game thread turned in to a scavenger hunt for the Cornell male cheerleader.  Instead of three close games, we had three blowouts.  The fruits of our labor, by the way, can be found here, here, here, and here.  BigWood and I should be private investigators.
  • Wofford gave Wisconsin a game before finally falling by 4 in what was the closest game of the day.  The real story here is that Wofford's mascot is the Boston Terrier.  When WSU was still WSC, our mascot was, at one time, "Squirt the Terrier".  I cannot express how happy I am that they made the change to Cougars.
  • Mizzou runs a brand of basketball aptly named "40 minutes of hell".  You need to be in shape just to watch their games, let alone to play in them.  I actually had to take a breather and switch to the Wisconsin game just to relax for a bit.  There's nothing like a 53-49 game with a tempo hovering around 54 possession per team to fall asleep to.  Big Ten basketball, catch the fever!
  • Siena, who was playing at the same time as the fighting Boston Terriers, sports a mascot known as Bernie "Saint" Bernard.  Taking a closer look, their logo looks like Siena is eating Bernie.
  • Siena_medium


  • After today, I'm convinced the selection committee has been messing with us all along.  I saw a matchup between the Missouri and Clemson Tigers followed by a matchup between the Utah State and Texas A&M Aggies.  If the tiebreaker in the selection room isn't what a school's mascot is, I don't know what it is
  • Gonzaga won.  At one point, it looked like they were going to run the nation's best defense out of the gym, which was impressive.  This was followed by Grady jinxing Gonzaga and calling that they were going to cough up the lead.
  • Evan Turner had an off day for Ohio State, but Dallas Lauderdale and Jon Diebler (or KIEBLER as he was dubbed) did not.  Diebler was 8-14 from the field, including 7-12 from deep.  Lauderdale, on the other hand, had 4 points (both on dunks), 12 rebounds, and 8 blocks.  I don't know why, but UCSB kept trying to float shots over him, only to see him swat them like King Kong swats airplanes.  It might be time to try a new approach against OSU.
  • Jerome Randle hit a 35 foot runner at the halftime buzzer.  Not to be outdone, Adam Brown hit a 40 foot shot at halftime just minutes later in a different game.  I missed the second one because I was hypnotized by Lauderdale's dunks.

That's it for today.  Gus Johnson barely got to scream and the action was enough to make me wonder why I was still watching.  If Thursday was any indication, the Saturday games should be awesome.  Feel free to add anything I missed.  Also, make sure you walk it out this morning.

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