The Madness Rolls On: Day 4 Preview



OK so who expected the Kansas loss last night? (crickets).  Yesterday was full of surprises, with SMC  making the Sweet 16, and Nuss moving one step closer to winning his trip (although this isn't exactly surprising). Well now that everyone's bracket is pretty much shattered, lets look ahead to the big games on Sunday.  But first, let me explain the Dicky V. picture.  I was looking at the featured brackets on ESPN earlier, and I came across his,  I was curious, so I clicked on it, only to find that his bracket was in the 9th percentile.  Yes, you read that right.  Personally, I had 1.5x more points than him.  Anyways on to the games today.  After the jump, you'll find sites, times, announcers, and the almighty KenPom's prediction.  CLICK IT.

Session 1: 9:00 AM

#1 Syracuse vs. #8 Gonzaga Gus Johnson/Len Elmore Buffalo

Before Saturday, many saw Syracuse as the most vulnerable of the #1 seeds.  Gonzaga pulled off a win, tearing apart one of the top defenses in the country against FSU.

KenPom says: Cuse 79-71


Session 2: 11:20 AM

#2 West Virginia vs. #10 Missouri Gus Johnson/Len Elmore Buffalo
#10 Georgia Tech vs. #2 Ohio State Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel Milwaukee
#12 Cornell vs. #4 Wisconsin Jim Nantz/Clark Kellogg Jacksonville
#5 Michigan State vs. #4 Maryland Tim Brando/Mike Gminski Spokane

West Virginia survived an early scare from Morgan St. in the first round, before rolling to a 27 point victory.  Mizzou was able to upset #7 Clemson in the first round.

KenPom says: Mountaineers 68-66

In the other 10 vs. 2 game, Ohio State is coming off a 17 point win over UCSB in the first round, and Georgia Tech has some momentum after their 5 point upset of Oklahoma State.  Can they take down a second OSU?

KenPom says: OSU 71-66

Cornell filled the tradition of a 12 beating a 5 seed with their victory over Temple.  The team that is quite possibly the most underseeded in the tourney will take on the Wisconsin Badgers, who survived a late scare of their own against Wofford (had anyone ever even heard of them?).

KenPom says: Badgers 67-59

West Coast.  The final game of the timeslot pits Michigan against Maryland.  Sorry, don't know enough to have any analysis on either team.

KenPom says: Terps 74-71


Session 3: 1:50 PM

Sunday Afternoon: Window 3
#3 Pittsburgh vs. #6 Xavier Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel Milwaukee
#1 Duke vs. #8 Cal Jim Nantz/Clark Kellogg Jacksonville
#4 Purdue vs. #5 Texas A&M Tim Brando/Mike Gminski Spokane

Both teams were able to pull off double digit wins in the first round.  Here's to hoping for a closer game between these two teams.

KenPom says: Xavier 68-67

West Coast.  Duke might be a little worried after the vulnerability of the #1's was exposed yesterday.  Imagine going to the Sweet 16 with only 2 1 seeds.  Cal went crazy on Louisville in the first round, and is going to try to put both of the Pac 10 representatives in the Sweet Sixteen.

KenPom says: Blue Devils 77-70

Purdue was able to pull out a win against popular upset pick Siena in the first round.  A&M rolled to a double digit victory.

KenPom says: Purdue 64-63


Only 3 sessions today.  If KenPom's projections are correct, this should be a very exciting day of basketball.  After this we get a couple days off, only to pick up the basketball again mid week.  Bucherbp still leads the CougCenter bracket challenge.  Just about everyone's ahead of Vitale.  Happy watching!

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