CougCenter Bracketology

The final seedings will come out soon, but here's what we got so far. Still time to make up ground.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bracket

1. Nuss- 1102 posts and 9406 comments. A sure fire number one seed and a forced to be reckoned with. If you want to knock him out, go for the jejunum. 

2. spencer peaty/peaty411s- Impressive combined resume. Solid numbers all the way around, everything you could ask for from a 2 seed. 

3. philkid3- Although baseball seems to be his forte, he has a solid 800 posts to the site. Always seems to add something of value to the conversation. 

4. hollyweirdcoug- Surely on the bubble, but will make this first bracket. Pretty good amount of comments, but the amount of posts leaves something to be desired. 

LOLCat Bracket

1. Grady.- In my original rankings, I had Dancing Football as my number 2 overall. Still a toss up, with Craigs demanding lead in comments, but I went with the wily veteran with more posts in his career. 

2. johnnycougar- Could slide down from this ranking, but is here for now at least. One thing I love is the amount of posts he has. Comments are nice, but I feel a post has a bigger value. His solid 71 number caught the eye of the committee. 

3. GoCougs- Maybe a bit underseeded, he has all of the credentials to pull of a special run. Numerous posts and comments as well as a whole 20 minutes in a podcast dedicated to him. Watch out, Cinderella first name might be Go. 

4. 02 Coug- Over 1000 comments and numerous posts, this is a 3 seed to be reckoned with. Also makes a Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone like duo with his wife, who was leading the CougCenter bracket challenge at the last check. 

Ivan Brothers Bracket

1. Dancing Football- The true fan, this guy has put up an impressive number of posts in his career. True underdog story going common poster too a writer, opening the way for cougfan and giving hope to all of us "little people." 

2. Big Wood- Solid post numbers, but not the reason for the 2 seed. I am in love with the plus minus he provides for the basketball games. He has a place in my heart for providing those every game. 

3. Cougar 999- Much like TiltingRight below, this guy had a big time endorsement from a highly respected writer, cougfan. That definitely helped his ranking, as well as his recent tournament preview threads. 

4. so cal coug- Pedestrian number of comments, but his "for shizell my mizell" tag line stole my heart long ago. 

Gus Johnson Bracket

1. cougfan- Only experience keeps this competitor from being a higher number 1 seed. A truly remarkable number of comments in a short matter of time gives him as good of a shot as any of the other number ones to take home the title and have that "one shining moment."

2. TiltingRight- He got a huge boost in the rankings for 2 reasons: A) He made the Jeff Tuel hope poster and 2) An endorsement from Nuss. That's like Obi Wan Kenobi giving vouching for a jedi. He has been around the block, and seems deserving of this ranking. 

3. Coug1990- Would be higher if not for a poor post number, but his 852 comments make for a heck of a first round battle with TiltingRight. Get your tivo ready.  

4. jj_fekl- Solid, but no spectacular numbers. Also a whiner when it came to allowing the writers in this tournament, which is why he will draw one in round one. 

Last 4 in- jj_fekl, so cal coug, 02 coug, hollyweirdcoug

Last out- coug2828, displaced cougar, ptowncoug3012, Roy Weaver Stuckey

Discuss! Tell me if I am way off. This was not easy. 

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