Ranking the skill players under Wulff

Now that Wulff's third season opening depth chart has been released, I thought it would be interesting to see how the skill players have progressed in his first three years.



2008                                             2009                                                2010

Jeshua Anderson 6-2 184 SO      Kevin Norell 5-9 199 SO                   Daniel Blackledge 6-0 171 SR

Benny Ward 6-3 186 SR              Jeshua Anderson 6-2 188 JR            Marquess Wilson 6-3 173 FR

Ranking: 1. 2010 2. 2009 3. 2008

-- Blackledge and Wilson have had great camps. A lot was expected from the 2009 group but neither receiver had the potential of Wilson and I'm not convinced either would start over Blackledge this year based on the camp he has had.


2008                                            2009                                               2010

Daniel Blackledge 6-2 179 SO     Gino Simone 5-11 174 FR             Gino Simone 5-11 187 SO

Michael Willis 6-2 210 RSJR       Jeffrey Solomon 6-0 196 RSJR     Isiah Barton 6-1 190 RSJR

Ranking: 1. 2010 2. 2009 3. 2008

--Simone should be improved as a sophomore and I would be surprised if Barton couldn't equal 2009 Solomon. 2008 was a disaster with a true sophomore with very limited experience and Willis who just switched over from safety that fall camp.


2008                                                          2009                                             2010

Brandon Gibson 6-1 200 SR                    Jared Karstetter 6-4 203 SO          Jared Karstetter 6-4 208 JR

Anthony Houston 6-3 201 RSSO           Daniel Blackledge 6-1 182 JR           Jeffrey Solomon 6-0 200 RSSR

Ranking: 1. 2008 2. 2010 3. 2009

--Gibson is one of the best receivers in school history so single handily he wins it for 2008. 2010 is a strong #2 as the junior version of Karstetter and redshirt senior Solomon would rank as the 2nd and 4th best receiver of the 6.


2008                                                2009                                                  2010

Devin Frischknect 6-3 256 SR        Tony Thompson 6-2 241 RSSR        Skylar Stormo 6-5 250 RSSO

Ben Woodard 6-5 249 RSSR      Skylar Stormo 6-4 253 RSFR            Andrei Lintz 6-5 247 RSSO

Ranking: 1. 2008 2. 2010 3. 2009

--2008 takes the No. 1 spot based on experience and the fact Frischknect was probably the best receiver of the group. I put 2010 above 2009 just because Stormo has another year of growth and Vince Grippi is crazy high on Lintz and when Grippi speaks I listen.


2008                                                  2009                                                          2010

Dwight Tardy 5-11 212 RSSO           Dwight Tardy 5-10 208 RSSR                   James Montgomery 5-10 200 RSSR

Chris Ivory 6-0 228 JR                      James Montgomery 5-10 202 RSJR           Chantz Staden 5-10 205 RSSR

Ranking: 1. 2009 2. 2008 3. 2010

--2009 had a 100% James Montgomery and we all saw a 100% Montgomery is a pretty good player. 2008 had a very underrated player in Chris Ivory. He wasn't healthy enough, but when he did he produced impact plays. 2010 falls down the list because the top two guys are coming of significant injuries. If this included the full stable of running backs 2010 is probably the best. Staden is probably the 6th best running back of the group.


2008                                           2009                                                           2010

Gary Rogers 6-7 234 RSSR       Kevin Lopina 6-3 241 RSSR                       Jeff Tuel 6-3 214 SO

Kevin Lopina 6-3 229 RSJR       Marshall Lobbestael 6-3 214 RSSO              Marshall Lobbestael 6-3 210 RSJR

Ranking: 1. 2010 2. 2010 3. 2010

--No offense to Rogers or Lopina but this one doesn't need any explanation. Tuel is by far and away the best of the group and reports suggest Lobbestael has improved as well and is the 2010 version is probably the 2nd best quarterback of the group.

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