A rant about scheme

Warning: There will be no Pollyanna-ing here, and there will be some cussing. Sorry.

I am seriously beginning to question the abilities of the coaching staff to work to our abilities or establish any kind of identity both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.


I got five dollars to anybody who can name our base offense... TELL THOSE CRICKETS TO SHUT UP!


Todd Sturdy has possibly upset me more than anyone else on this coaching staff. His refusal to cater to the talents of this team is infuriating. We have a mobile quarterback and a good back in Monty, yet there is no option play to speak of. Running a zone option out of the shotgun is so ridiculously easy and effective that a child could figure out that we should run it. We absolutely could not stop their backside pursuit, so punish them for pursuing like that and have Tuel pull the ball and head through the back door for ten yards. Or just run a regular old option, it is still a very valuable play if your qb is a threat to run it, and ours is.


Speaking of a mobile Tuel, why are we not moving the pocket, like all the time? He can roll out and throw with excellent accuracy, or he can run it as opposed to standing in our shitty little pocket and getting crushed every other time he drops back. When we do have him sit in the pocket, we need to be taking advantage of the height of our outside receivers and throwing fades and jump balls, getting the ball out quickly to a spot and letting our big wide outs GO FUCKING GET IT. When you throw the fade out of the shot gun, you snap the ball, find the one on one matchup and toss it. Takes roughly a second and a half, you just float it and let your 6'4 receiver jump against a 5'9 corner. It is incredibly simple.


These offensive strategies are built to protect a poor O Line by allowing them to barely be a passable unit and still allow the offense to succeed. This 3 yards and a cloud of dust shit is never going to work at WSU, we will never have the O line talent to pull that off. We just keep handing the ball off up the middle and sticking Tuel in the ever collapsing pocket yet Sturdy is still scratching his fucking head wondering why it isn't working. This dude needs to show up and call at least decent games or get the fuck out of pullman.


Further, I think the O Line needs to be set from here on out personnel wise. I understand and welcome the competition they have been having with so many guys either unknowns coming in or coming off injury, but the starters need to spend time with the other starters so they can communicate, react and block as one line instead of 5 linemen. The Cougs have not had the benefit of continuity the last few years and it has shown, we do not need to be doing it to ourselves anymore.


Defensively, I actually like what I saw against MSU, especially in the second half when they took the training wheels off. I understand the logic behing playing coverage against a young qb who can turn a missed sack into a big gainer with his legs. However, I think that WSU has to have an attacking defense. If we sit in coverage against Pac-10 teams and do not get real pressure, any decent QB will sit in the pocket and wait for our young secondary to make a mistake, which they will. While constantly being on the attack will cause some big plays for their offense, sitting in coverage has not exactly worked out well either.


However, I hate how much we have one of our defensive ends either in a two point or dropped into coverage. Long/Kafusi have been moved all over the field, and I think it has been detrimental to our defense. Long is a talented DE with his hand in the dirt, but Sears is trying to move him out into the flat, the shallow third or bring him more like a blitzer from LB depth. For the love of God, let him do what he does well and PUT HIS FUCKING HAND IN THE DIRT. Having a two point DE without massive DT's to eat up the O Lineman is asking for a team to run it down your throat, and what do ya know that's what other teams are doing to us.


Blitzing and causing pressure is how we are going to beat teams defensively. We have to have a Rex Ryan-esquementality on defense. GO GET EM. KILL THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES, MAKE THEIR CHILDREN HURT. Opposing QB's should be shaking because though he might have a good game we are going to smack the shit out of him every chance we get. AHE should live in the backfield, and probably try and drop ten or so pounds so he gets his killer speed back. Pressure should come like a fucking hurricane from different spots all the time. Keep em on their toes and holding onto their lunch money because Brandon Rankin and AHE are here to jack your shit up


When you get pressure on the QB it absolutely hamstrings their offense and likely results in a turnover or a 3 and out, something the coug defense has not had a lot of in a long, long time. Keep up the heat Ball/Sears and the D will be fine.

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