A Premature Look at the 2011 Recruiting Class

This is more or less a response to Jeff's fantastic piece on the where WSU recruiting stands and then it is a brief rundown on what I am excited about in this class after watching nearly all of the film out there.

First off the slow down in the rate of commitments is due to simple math. By October we had up near 20 commits which means there are roughly 6 spots left. You can bet that Wulff and the coaching staff are making sure they are filling out the class with the right players not just any players. Basically this is how a class should fill up, there should be a lot of commits up until the final months when you are putting the finishing touches on the class. Only two schools have more commits than us in the Pac 10 and imagine being UCLA with only 9 commits with about a week to go.

This class has lost a lot of flare with the decommits of James, Nembot, and Sankey. If we were able to keep all of them imagine how legit this class would be. Even so I see a class with plenty of upside and we still have a chance to finish with a bang. Adding Rahmel Dockery (visiting this week), Paulo (visiting this week), Ryles, and Luckett (visiting this week) or any combination of them would be a huge boost. They are all three star if you are one of those people that get off on stars then that should satisfy you and if your like me and would rather watch film and make up your own mind then I'm telling you check these guys out. Rahmel Dockery is flat out electric and Ryles, Luckett are dbs with tons of speed especially Luckett.

Also I want to point out that this class by design won't wow people as much. For the most part DE/DTs don't get people as hyped up as a star running back and this class is made up of a ton of DT/DEs which is good because we need help there. Here is a quote from Paul Wulff in today's Spokesman,“It’s not a sexy type of class,” WSU coach Paul Wulff said this week, “because it’s doesn’t include a lot of skill (position) kids.” He goes on to say that, “We went for more lineman and bigger body types, that’s what we needed and that’s the way we went.” It is also more difficult for us to watch film of a DE or DT and be able say how good he is. With lineman we really have to trust the coaches judgment and hope they have found some hidden gems.

I believe we also have a "Reggie Moore" type recruit in the class meaning he is ranked way below his skill level because of going to a prep school for a year. The man I speak of is Demetrius Cherry and last year he had offers from Miami, Florida State, Central Florida, South Florida, North Carolina State, Rutgers. How's that for some BCS offers? The man is huge and long with 6 '6 270 lb frame and a quick 4.73 40 time. I am pumped for this kid! Could be a game changer his first year on campus.

Since I have gone this far I will just turn this into a fan post and add a few more verbal commits that I am excited about...

Dominique Williams has big time potential. 6 '4 190 with a 4.50 40 and his tape is phenomenal! His quarterback is awful and continually hucks it up to him in double even triple coverage and this kid consistently comes down with the ball. He is elusive after the catch and has solid game speed. Even with our depth at WR I think he has a chance to contribute early.

Chester Sua' is an obvious choice. He is a man among boys on the field and has the size and speed to play several positions. Would possibly be and instant impact at RB but has better long term potential at outside linebacker or strong safety. Great speed, agility, and physicality he's a can't miss.

Logan Mayes is another stud. If you haven't looked at his latest senior highlights check them out they are impressive. He has great technique, great athleticism, and a great frame that makes him very versatile. He has the makings of a great coug!

Max Gama- The kid has good size and great speed for the safety spot. Just watch his highlights of him at running back and you can see the athletic ability he brings to the safety spot. Fast and agile and solid weighing in at 195 lbs and 6'1 he has the right tangibles to be a great safety.

David Davis is a great get for the interior of the defensive line. He straight man handles people in his film and his get off and burst are impressive. It is tough to find quality high school DTs and I think we got one in Davis.

Sleeper alert... Henry Eady! This kid is really small but really, really, fast and explosive and agile as can be. I see him as a phenomenal slot receiver that can move the chains and make huge plays on screen passes, fly sweeps, WR options, and any other ways you can get him the ball in space. Also could make an impact as a return man. I see him as a dark horse at getting some playing time this coming fall either on special teams or in the slot.

Also it is crucial that we got a very good quarterback. Cody Clements is very solid he has a solid arm and is extremely accurate. Just look at his TD to INT ratio this year it is unreal 32 TDs to 1 INT! He is also quite mobile and looks like the perfect candidate to take over after Halliday and will be valuable in the case of injury for the next few years. Continuing to get solid QBs in each class will ensure that we don't have to go through the Lopina years again.

There are others that I am excited about as well but I think that is enough for now. This class may not be as good as the last one but it does have some intriguing talents that I think will really surprise some people. Are there some weaknesses yes, specifically offensive lineman and running back (unless you move Sua' there). Anyways until next time hopefully we can round out the class with Dockery (I'm obsessed with him), Ryles, Luckett, and Paulo. If we can land a few of the guys I just mentioned this class will be a top 50 class which I think we can all live with. Go Cougs!

This FanPost does not necessarily reflect the views of the site's writers or editors, who may not have verified its accuracy. It does, however, reflect the views of this particular fan, which is just as important as the views of our writers or editors.

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