Inalienable Truths from the Center of the Universe

I did my best yesterday to keep up with the goins on as Pullman and WSU welcomed Coach Leach. From an outsider, but now fan, may I say Bravo and how insanely well done that was! Your staff, student body, and public are all to be commended for the incredible level of support.

In preparing for the upcoming year and not wanting to seem like a total Ass Hat (could be to late) when I arrive in Washington next season, I thought that I would throw out some of the Inalienable Truths from My world and see if or how they will play or fail in the frozen North West.

Life Precept Do The Right Thing. (Nuf Said)

We still treat the fairer sex as if they are! Doors are opened, Chairs are offered, Courtesy is still in vogue (this is in no way the case, once an admonition is announced or any sharp hand weapon thrown)

Most, but not all, of Raider Nation will enjoy an adult beverage with anyone wishing to gain from our immense wealth of knowledge. (By “an” I mean any amount legally purchased or sold by local establishments up to the point of requested exodus) We do not however berate or belittle those who choose to abstain for any reason, they are called designated drivers.

Interesting Fact: I have learned from my crack accounting staff that my requested charitable donation deduction for purchasing and consuming beer made by Trappist Monks will most likely NOT be approved. WTF? This was not a small deduction.

Although generally a kind and gentle people we can be whipped into a lathered frenzy by certain groups or actions. (Aggies and T-Sips at the top of this list. Now Huskies? Also MOST politicians)

You will hear colloquialisms from some of us that may or may not need explanation:

That ---- is uglier than a mud fence

Santa must have brought you a sack of stupid

(good result) we just cut a fat hog in the ass

(just bought a new double wide) That Fella is richer than 10 foot up a bull’s ass

Please feel free to ask if explanation is needed.

Interest is sometimes measured with the GAFF scale, My GAFF is high, low, or I got no GAFF. GAFF= Give A F--- Factor.

We are sometimes, generally, almost always long winded and opinionated (This is genetic but the condition may be exacerbated by the alcohol).

In an effort to avoid the previous adage I shall draw to a close, I do need help here because I will act this way until slapped, stabbed, or asked to stop, so feel free to comment. (I have thick skin)

Almost forgot I would love to know your favorite Washington State Wines/ Vineyards, as I will begin distributing some in the Great State of Texas.

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