Pac-10 Interleague Draft!!An Interesting Study!

My brother and I both hoops guys and Wazzu grads decided it would be an interesting study to do a Pac-10 Draft between us. Both of us would draft 12 players a piece. We took everything into consideration, we molded our teams as to try and beat the other. Abdul Gaddy was not eligible due to injury. We had no stats in front of us, just our opinions from watching nearly all the Pac-10 games. We assumed both teams would be properly coached by someone like Montgomery, therefore a player could improve from good coaching others might not get it good coach or not.  I won the coin toss for first pick, here are our picks.

Heath's Team                                                                                                    Clay's Team

1.Derrick Williams- (Forward) Arizona                                                       2. Isiah Thomas(Guard)WA

3. K. Thompson-(Wing) WSU                                                                      4. Harper Kamp(Forward)Cal

5.J Gutierrez-(Point Guard) Cal                                                                   6. Nikola Vucevich(Forward)USC

7.Josh Owens-(Forward)Stanford                                                              8, Jeremy Green(Guard)Stanford

9.D. Casto-(Center)WSU                                                                             10. Josh Smith(Center)UCLA

11. Reeves Nelson-(Forward/Center)UCLA                                            12. Keven Parrom-(Wing)Arizona

13. Tyler Honeycutt-(Wing)UCLA                                                                14. C.J. Wilcox-(Wing)Washington

15. Joevan Catron-(Forward)Oregon                                                         16. Bryan Matthew-Amaning-(Center)WA

17. Reggie Moore-(Point Guard)WSU                                                       18. Malcolm Lee-(Guard)UCLA

19. Jamelle Horne(Wing)Arizona                                                                20. Momo Jones-(Point Guard)Arizona

21.M. Sanders-Frison(Center)Cal                                                              22. Ty Abbot-(Guard)Arizona State

23.A. Crabbe-(Wing)Cal                                                                                  24. Justin Holiday-(Guard)Washington

Guards                                                                                                                                 Guards

Thompson                                                                                                                         Thomas

Gutierrez                                                                                                                             Green

Horne                                                                                                                                  Parrom

Moore                                                                                                                                  Wilcox

Honeycutt                                                                                                                            Lee

Crabbe                                                                                                                                Holiday

Forwards                                                                                                                            Abbot

Nelson                                                                                                                                 Jones

Catron                                                                                                                                 Forwards

Owens                                                                                                                                   Kamp

Williams                                                                                                                                Vucevich

Center                                                                                                                                  Center

Casto                                                                                                                                    Smith

Sanders-Frison                                                                                                                  Bryan-Amanning

Notables Left Off- Cunningham(OSU) Kuksiks(ASU) Donte Smith, Alex Stephenson, Maurice Jones (USC) M. Armstead (Oregon) Trent Lockett(ASU)

Team Breakdown-UCLA(4) WA(4) Arizona(4) Cal(4) WSU(3) Stanford(2)ASU(1)USC(1)Oregon(1)

Not too far off of the Pac-10 standings but again no way we should lose to those teams below us.

I think my team is better, I have more versatility having 4 forwards to Clay's two. Plus I have the best player in Williams. Gutierrez is a great player. Some people will think Clay picked Kamp too high but I like him a lot too. He can score on the block and is a really fundamental player. Owens is a really efficient player as is Horne. Parrom who my brother took also is underated. Funny enough Clay ended up with all 4 huskies. Trust me he hates them as much as I do, just a coencidence. I ended up with all the Cougars. Yeah.


I would love to get some discussion going based off this experiment. Which team do you like better? Who would you have drafted? Who do you like in the league? Did we miss anybody? Probably not!


Thanks and Go Cougs!

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