Moos and the Department hit a Home Run Today, It's up to Us to Make it a Grand Slam

This Super Sunday many of us at home had little to no stake in the game.  I don't know about you, but I'm neither a Green Bay Packers or Pittsburgh Steelers fan, though I will admit that seeing the Steelers fail where they've succeeded previously was nice because I like parity. 

Just because you may or may not have cared about the teams playing it doesn't mean you couldn't at least enjoy the partying, the food, and the beer or maybe, just maybe... the commercials.  While I neither hosted Super Bowl or Super Bowl Commercial party I did keep one eye glued to the screen at all times waiting for the Coug's Super Bowl Ad that Bill Moos alluded to earlier in the week.  I'm sure by now you've seen Nuss' post about it on the front page, but being the junky that I am for these things I wanted to talk a little bit more about the importance of what this can really mean moving forward.  Big ups to Nuss for getting it up there, now lets talk about it a bit more... after the jump.

There was a time I thought these two men had the sweetest swings I would ever see in my life.  Griffey's was like running water, effortless and without a single hitch in it, pure fluid motion.  Edgar was smooth and just got the fat part of the bat on the ball, he always looked like he was squinting a bit, but like he understood what was coming.  Today another man joined the effortless swing ball crushing club.

While Bill is obviously happy to be in the company of such beloved greats as Edgar and Griffey who were both commercial making luminaries (Edgar here and Griffey here) as far as advertisements go he has bested them. marks the beginning of a new campaign for the Athletic Department as well as a departure from the limited advertising of the past.  Like Nuss said earlier today, putting the Game Day Flag Tradition and us Fans front and center is brilliant.  We Cougs are a proud bunch, and if you've read my previous posts, especially as it regards the increasingly prolific Athletic Department then you know that I'm all for it and that I think we need more of it. 

If you've attended one of the football dinners up to this point then you had heard that you'd need to keep your eyes peeled for our Super Bowl ad.  At the time no indication of direction or content was given.  We were left to assume that it could be anything from Butch wearing rags and begging in the streets of Spokane for donations to Jim Walden sitting in a chair reflecting on that Funny thing that happened to the Huskies on the way to the Rose Bowl all those years ago, perhaps suggesting donations between sips of brandy.  The point is that we had no way of knowing what was coming and whether or not it was going to be worthwhile.  Instead what we got was a GREAT ad that simply put being a Cougar fan up front while making the point that though our teams are or have been broken we are not. We fans are undefeated.

I don't know about any of the rest of you, but I'm going to be a little puffed up over that for awhile.  I didn't quite get the goosebumps that many have mentioned, but I damn sure got the biggest smile welded onto my face that I've had since the 2008 Apple Cup (last Sunday and rushing the court did it too, but the loss to Oregon soured me a bit).  As a fan that prides himself on following his teams in a relatively obsessive manner it made me proud to be recognized for not just mine, but our pride in who and what we are.

That said, there is a clear purpose to what this ad is trying to get us to engage in, DONATIONS!  I love this, I really do.  I don't think that it's any great secret that getting into contact with the department and engaging with them has been daunting at times and downright infuriating others.  This is the gateway, the first indication that things are changing and opening up.  The days of polite, buttoned down, dare I say sweater vest cordiality are over.  That's not to say that Moos and the department are going to be obnoxious or brash, just that they are not content to be so quiet and deferential when it comes time to get down to brass tacks.  This ad was clearly designed with the intentions of getting wallets open and that's a good thing.  It pulls all the right strings and by the time you get to the website you have to at least be thinking about it.

If you read my summary of the day Moos came to town to "feel out" the school and the process I said that anyone sitting in the room with the man wanted to cough up something, anything, just to have him.  Moos is now successfully cultivating that into actionable advertising.  This is a great thing moving forward and I for one can't wait to see how many more Home Runs like this the Department can hammer.  This is just the start of a great campaign, like someone in the comment thread earlier said, "where's the t-shirt?"  I've already suggested some ideas on the site using their little suggestion box, I encourage you all to do so.  We own the campaign, we should own our creed too.

That's the beauty of this whole thing.  We have the opportunity now, not just to fund raise because of our pride, but to actively engage with OUR Athletic Department.  We can make this huge, just like we have the flag campaign.  I've advocated for something like this for a long time and a good number of others here and elsewhere have been happy to join me in saying the same.  Lets not miss our opportunity, lets own it.


As an aside, I would like to thank everyone that has stopped by and read my last 3 posts.  I now have 3 of the 4 most recommended fan posts on the site.  I appreciate the rec's and the comments, lets keep em coming.  If there's anything you'd like to maybe here about or get another take on feel free to submit requests I'm always looking for something to talk about.  Once again, thanks for the Hat Trick and GO COUGS: Undefeated since 2003.

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