New Jerseys and Moving Forward Boldly

Greetings fellow Cougs!  Recently we've had good, followed by bad, followed by "holy crap how is this happening," followed by "DAMN, We were this close!"  To call the last week a bit of an up and down experience would be an understatement.  Just before the weekend of craziness got started I got some good news regarding the future of WSU Athletics.  While I am barred from laying out specifics, it's all good news moving forward, so if you want to know about the good that is coming I suggest you click on past the jump.


No I haven't seen the new jerseys, but I have a relationship with more than one person who has and the reviews thus far are nothing but positive.  Listening to the people I've been able to get small details from the new Crimson can and will destroy any that has come before.  The design and the prominence of the Crimson AND GRAY is amazing and both colors get their due in the new design.  I was not able to pull any more than that, no one would (more likely couldn't) tell me if there is going to be a gray alternate for football or not, but I have been assured that when we get to see these in a little over a month we will all be proud, and we will have the best look in the Pac 12.  That last part was guaranteed.

So far I may not have said anything more than what you have heard already from the various blogs and papers and press materials.  I can confirm something new though.  We will no longer be tethered to the completely half-assed replica Nike jerseys we are currently subject to.  With the new design came a new agreement, part of which is that there will be 100% field accurate replicas available for purchase at the Bookie and online just like what the boys down at Oregon have been enjoying for years.  So there you go, a happy new piece of news.  I don't know about any of you but I was ready to replace my Gesser era jersey I've had since my freshman year in 2004, but with the cheap looking replicas we've been stuck with I've had to be content with getting a new number and my name replaced a couple of times instead of just replacing it.

I wasn't really able to get a ton of news beyond what I put here, but it sounds like the overall look is in fact carrying through every sport, and if the Football uni's are as good as I've been told then we'll have a damn good looking bunch of teams to carry our colors moving forward.

Moving Forward Boldly

Moving forward boldly can mean a number of things.  It can mean crafting a new look to help build a winner, it can mean telling everyone that we'll go toe to toe with the Huskies in every way possible, and it can be Moos stepping up to tell the Cougar fans and alumni that we can and will be THE power in the state of Washington.  Moos hasn't gotten up on a soap box to scream that, but I can say with certainty that it is the attitude that pervades our current leadership in the Athletic Department.  We've all heard of the new radio deal out West.  There has been quite a bit of speculation here and elsewhere.  That deal is at the heart of moving forward and building recruiting and brand strength out west.  Once the deal is finalized and the WSU Athletic Department can announce it, it sounds as though there will be dancing in the streets by Cougars all throughout the western half of the state.  Moos is not a person that subscribes to the idea of being "little brother" and when coupled with what's to come in what are hopefully soon to be successful campaigns in Football, Basketball, and Baseball I believe that the Cougars' AD is setting us up from the top down for a long and successful run to the top of the Pac 12.

As a guy that is trying to get in and among those that are building for that success I can say that I'm very excited for us moving forward.  I wish I could spell everything out in detail here, frankly I'm hoping I don't get in trouble for what I've said.  I just thought that after such a crazy weekend there needed to be some good news that came from the mouths of the people that are making it happen for us.  We've all been frustrated in recent years and with Moos having now been on the job for a year I think that frustration is soon to be turning to elation.  Athletic success does not just come from getting guys into programs, but in setting up the apparatus that attracts the guys that make the magic happen.  We're soon to be the best dressed, we're soon to be more prominently featured out West, and we're soon to be winners.  It's a damn good time to be a Coug and in about a month it'll be just that much better.

Thanks and Notes

I do want to thank Klay Thompson for owning up to his mistake on Saturday.  It took guts, and it took humility, and if I had to guess it took his Dad chewing his ass.  As a guy that has had his fair share of one-sided conversations with his old man over the years I can say that I've had to earn a few life lessons the hard way and that I've had to stand pat like Klay did on Saturday.  Good on you Klay, get back out there and show your old man how good a job he did with you.

Thanks to internet issues over the weekend I wasn't able to get out and type this up.  It looks like Cougar Baseball split in their trip down to Arizona and currently sits at 5-3 which is good for 5th in the Pac 10.  Our boys are not storming out of the gate quite as well as they did last year, but they are playing some damn good ball so far.  Good on you guys. 

I would also like to thank the University of Washington.  You may wonder why I am thanking our hated rivals.  I'll tell you why, with their Baseball team storming the non-conference schedule to the tune of a 2-7 start I just really wanted to acknowledge how great it is to see the Huskies sitting in sole possession of dead last in win/loss column so far.  USC is challenging for the crown of basement dweller at 3-8.  I'll be keeping up with the race for futility this season because it just couldn't happen to two nicer schools or groups of fans.

Random note on Spring Ball.  I will be trying to get out and catch some practices and drills.  I don't have a camera, so as with most of my posts they'll likely be fairly devoid of pictures, but I'll be happy to pass on what I see as our guys try to get out there and get better for next year.

Lets go get the AND 1 against the Huskies this Thursday and see if we can't get another crack at UCLA.  Go Cougs, enjoy your week and feel free to comment and speculate below!

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