I Don't Know What This Means.

Please, look at this first.

Ken Bone's Coaching Resume

It is scary that last season Bone had his best defensive team ever.  It also shows how bad our opponents were at shooting 3s.  3P% Defense was low, but we also had a large amount of 3s shot against us.  Does that mean our interior defense was that good or that teams like to throw it up against us?  Or was it because we went zone?  I will take the latter.  I think it is zone, because I decided to compare numbers against Boeheim's zone defense at Syracuse.  See below.  Our defensive 3PA% are very similar and same with the defensive 3P%.

Jim Boeheim's Coaching Resume

I like Bone, but this resume looks blah.  I know it sounds funny, but a lot of the colors on his resume seem dull.  I would like to see more bright green colors.

I thought it would be interesting to compare Coach K's numbers to these two guys.  Look how consistent his Defensive 3PA% is.  Crazy.

Coach K's Coaching Resume

I titled this I don't know what this means because Bone's numbers have been all over the place since 2006.  Look at the change in rankings since 2006.

AdjT - 140, 24, 124, 202, 155, 70 For an average of: 119 - A low of 24 and high of 202

AdjO - 166, 161, 100, 79, 105, 89 For an average of: 116 - A low of 79 and a high of 166

AdjD - 164, 205, 169, 221, 155, 46 For an average of: 160 - A low of 46 and a high of 221

What scares me is looking at the same averages for Sean Miller.

AdjT - 285, 172, 132, 233, 157, 76, 194 For an average of: 178

AdjO - 47, 54, 19, 9, 50, 81, 9 For an average of: 38

AdjD - 134, 97, 63, 35, 11, 108, 71 For an average of: 74

Another Pac10 coach to look at that has good AdjT, AdjO and AdjD is Mike Montgomery.  I forgot how good his teams were in '03 and '04.  After looking at his resume I think Cal Basketball will be back soon.

Mike Montgomery's Coaching Resume

Just some interesting numbers to think about.

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