CougCenter Fantasy Baseball: End of April Power Rankings

ESPN decides their rankings by win percentage. They determine the total number of games by adding your wins and your losses. I do not believe these rankings are accurate, so I have decided to come up with my own. The rankings you are about to look at are mainly decided by wins, and what I believe their chances of being in the winners bracket in September are. After the jump we will look at my Power Rankings, and I will attempt to justify my rankings

1) MC Coug 36-16-2(leading West division)

These Cougs have hit 46 home runs so far this season, they rank third in home runs; they are also fourth in RBIs with 172. Offensively they are solid, with the league's highest batting average at .274. However, offense isn't everything. We have all heard the phrase "pitching wins championships" and it is no exception for these Cougs as they have built their season so far on pitching. Tied for second in wins, with 20, and with an ERA of 3.542 (fourth best) the Cougs have put themselves in a position to succeed. The Cougs have built this record, and first place ranking, off of consistently producing; they hit home runs, score runs, knock runs in and win ball games. If they stay this consistent, you WILL see the Cougs in the playoffs.

2) The Mizell Body Slammers 33-21-2 (second in West, 5 Games Back)

Ranked 7th out of 12 in home runs (40_, most of their offensive production has come from their league best 180 RBIs and their .2613 batting average good for fourth. The Body Slammers have the second best ERA, at 3.536. They are also tied for the most amount of wins in the league, with 20. While they rank near or at the top of the league in most stats, The Body Slammers have taken advantage of an easy opening schedule. The winning percentage of their opponents (excluding ties) is 42.3%. They have played only one team above .500, Guapi Hey Mr. DJ. It is yet to be seen if they can handle a better opponent. If they play like they are now, they SHOULD be in the playoffs come September.

3) Guapi Hey Mr. DJ 28-27-1 (Third in West, 10.5 Games Back)

The fact that Mr. DJ is in third in the West and third in the Power Rankings is a testament to how strong the West is. At 41 home runs Mr. DJ can claim 5th in the league all by his self. Despite hitting only 41 home runs the DJs have the second best batting average in the league at .2698. They are tied for fifth in runs scored at 173. Their starting staff has16 wins (good for a tie for fourth) and the fifth best ERA (3.685) has put Guapi Hey Mr. DJ solidly into third. If they continue to play the way they have, I expect them to catch a few breaks and sneak into the playoffs come September.

4) West Coast Bias 28-26-2 (Tied for Fourth in East, 1 Game Back)

If I had my way West Coast Bias would be leading the East, but ESPN and I don't always get along. They lead the league in home runs (51) and are fourth in runs scored (180). They are fifth in wins (15) and fourth in ERA (3.568). Their consistent production is hidden by the fact their ranking, which is determined by win percentage (the total games is between wins and losses, ties are excluded). I believe that in the end truth will over come bad rankings (if that only happened in the BCS...) and Bias will make the playoffs in September.

5) Bailey-Brayton Bombers 27-23-6 (Leading East division)

The Bombers have done anything but, they have only hit 39 home runs good for 8th out of 12. They are tied for 6th in run scored. In fact most of The Bombers offensive stats are mediocre, compared to the rest of the league.  Their pitching stats are not much better, as they have the third worst ERA in the league (4.136). They are tied for 11th in KOs. The only stats that they are above mediocre in is wins (at 18, third best) and batting average .2565 (good for third). We shall see if they can maintain their current pace. I can not determine if they will remain in the playoff hunt at this time.

6) Kyle Basler Fan Club 27-24-5 (Second in East division, 0.5 Game Back)

Second in runs scored (189) and second in home runs (47), Fan Club is one of the more consistent ball clubs. Their pitching is good as they have 17 wins (good for third) and the leagues best ERA 3.480. Their offense as a collective is mediocre, and their pitching staff is down right awesome. Unfortunately, ESPN is correct in the standings in this case. Despite my confidence in them, I can not predict Fan Club's chances of reaching the playoffs at this time.

7) Reid Forrest "I'm Awesome!" 27-25-4 (Third in East, 1 game back)

Reid Forrest is awesome, the team that bares is name is...lacking in the awesome department. Looking at their stats I am shocked that they are above .500. Eleventh in ERA (4.380) and tied for eleventh in wins (12) their pitching staff is bad. Their offense is only slightly better and that is thanks to their 43 home runs (tied for fifth). I predict a hard and fast fall for this ball club. Their chance of being in the playoffs come September are slim.

8) Mattingly's Frying Pan 26-26-4 (Fifth in East, 2 games back)

If you are eighth or below you are in trouble, and need to get out fast because your playoff hopes are dwindling. Dead last in home runs (25) and tied for eleventh in batting average (.2476) are some of the reasons that Frying Pan is 8th. The only real bright spots (statistically) is that they are tied for fourth in wins (16) and are ONLY two games out of an auto bid in the east. 

9) Pullman Panthers 26-29-1 (Fourth in West, 12.5 games back)

Not reppin' Pullman all that well. However, they are bashing the ball (third in home runs at 45). And they are winning ball games, leading the league in wins at 21. They are second in saves (33) but that's about all of the bright spots for this team that bares the same name as our beloved home away from home.

10) My Tuel broke the Locker 22-33-1 (Last in East, 7.5 games back)

This team is on the edge of the abyss. 31 home runs (9th in the league) isn't going to cut it. Neither is 10 wins and a 4.024 ERA. It's going to take some magic maneuvers and a major hot streak for this ball club to make it to the playoffs.

11) Just Say NO 21-33-2 (Fourth in West, 17 games back)

They can hit the long ball (43) and they can score runs (185) but that's about all this team does well. And unfortunately they are not in the East. They are gonna have to take the long way to the top if they want to be dancing in September.

12) Cold Rossticles 18-38 (Dead last in West, 21 games back)

With a name that includes the word "Cold" in it, what else would you expect?

This FanPost does not necessarily reflect the views of the site's writers or editors, who may not have verified its accuracy. It does, however, reflect the views of this particular fan, which is just as important as the views of our writers or editors.

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