Off-Topic FP: Books.

It's been a few weeks since our last off-topic fan post, so I figured I'd throw another one out for this Father's Day Weekend.

First, happy Father's Day to all the fellow Dad's out there. Being a Dad is probably the greatest thing you can ever do in this life, aside from invent a new Hot Pocket that does not burn the inside of my mouth.  I raise my glass and toast to all of you.

Second, I've been playing a lot of Xbox lately, and I'm kind of getting worn out. I want to start reading again, but haven't found a book that interests me. The last three books I read were: World War Z, The Road, and Shutter Island. All three were fantastic. My friend was talking about getting the new Dexter book, but the last two weren't very good. If you didn't know, the awesome Showtime show Dexter is based off of a book. The first two in the series are amazing, the third sucks, and the fourth is only ok. So you should go pick up Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter. Both are great reads.

Any other recommendations for books you guys have read?

- I'll admit, the trailer for the Moneyball movie is kind of what inspired me to start reading again. That book was just so damn good. The movie looks legit, too.

- What are you guys barbecuing this weekend? I was planning on just doing hot dogs and hamburgers (I have my son, Preston, for the summer and he's kinda picky). Then Mrs. Kyle's parents said they were coming over and bringing steak. And that her dad would cook for us. I was like, um... I love you?

- I've been trying to find a new energy drink, because once I tried Amps, it was over. I don't like Monsters, and Red Bull is only ok. Full Throttle is pretty good, and Rock Star isn't bad. What do you guys drink?

- Would people be interested if we did a CougCenter night at Safeco this summer? I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and I think if we got enough people, we could get discounted tickets and our names on the JumboTron. That'd be pretty cool, and it'd just cement our legacy as the best blog on SB Nation.


Let's keep this off-topic on-topic, if you smell what The Kyle is cookin'.

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