No Seriously, Start Using Twitter

I'm just one man, but I'm one man armed with a pretty sizable "Following" list on Twitter. I'm here to save you, the very few of you who still might be resisting the Twittdemic. Please, to better your fan experience, sign up for Twitter.

Looking for breaking news? Twitter has it. Looking to interact with your favorite players and coaches? Twitter has you covered. Find yourself wanting insightful, well thought-out commentary? Hey, Twitter has that! Even if all you want is a constant stream of screenshots, .GIF's and videos. Twitter. Has. Everything.

I'm hoping that this list will be helpful even for people already on Twitter. I just wanted to get all the Cougar related Twitter accounts out there in one place.

What I'll do for you all here is break down my "Following" list into a few categories and from there I'll give a short reason as to why you should be following this person. Nothing here is in any particular order, just whoever I scroll to first on my list.

Breaking News

  • Joey Kaufman: @Joey_Kaufman - Joey writes for the newspaper at USC, the Daily Trojan. He's been a good source of info for me and has some very well thought out commentary on Pac-12 issues.
  • Jon Wilner: @wilnerhotline - Jon has been THE MAN when it pertains to the Pac-12 media deals and what was the expansion from Pac-10 to Pac-12. His blog is a great read, Jon gives you some of the best info out there and is a good writer to boot.
  • SWX: @SWXRightNow - Not the greatest, but I'll include them. Usually behind everyone else in my Twitter feed, but they still get the info out there.
  • WSU News: @WSUNews - Not usually anything sports related from these guys, but they do put out a good amount of info pertaining to WSU.
  • WSU Athletic Department: @WSUCougars_com - This is the official Twitter account of the WSU Athletic Department. Not sure who in the department runs the account, but it's very well run. They frequently have great information and always link to any story posted on their website.
  • Christian Caple: @ChristianCaple - Christian does a great job. Last year he covered our football team, I'm assuming he will this year too. Even if he does not, Christian is a great news source for Pac-12 issues.
  • CougCenter: @CougCenter - Hey guys, I'm not sure if you've heard, but this blog is great! They even have a Twitter account that posts links to their stories!
  • SBN Seattle: @sbnseattle - The regional SBN site for Seattle. These guys run a great program over there, definitely worth the follow.
  • Vince Grippi: @vinceg55 - Well we all love Vince! Don't think this one needs much explaining. Vince is fantastic, so give him a follow, you'll be glad you did.
  • WSU Baseball: @Cougbaseball - They don't Tweet very often, but it's the teams official account.
  • Pac-12: @pac12 - Official Twitter account of the Pac-12. Since it covers the whole conference I find myself going "Eh, I don't care." to their Tweets (the ASU womens disc golf team won regionals!? Oh goodie!). But buried in there is good stuff too.
  • Cougfan: @COUGFANcom - If you don't subscribe, a lot of the links they post are inaccessible to you. However, the small bit of info in the Tweet itself from these guys is pretty useful a lot of the time.
  • Daily Evergreen: @DailyEvergreen - Hey, I'm a company man. This account throws out links to stories in the entire newspaper when they're posted online.
  • Daily Evergreen (Sports): @EvergreenSports - Stories written by our fabulous sports writers (like @JeffDCollier and @brett_gleason)!
  • Undefeated Fans: @UndefeatedFans - Pretty new, but this account was created by the school as part of the Undefeated Fans project.

WSU Coaches

  • Curtis Allen: @CAllenWSU - Curtis Allen is an assistant basketball coach. He's funny, interacts with players and is just a good dude. Give him a follow!
  • Jeff Hironaka: @coachhiro - Coach Hiro is awesome. Known around here for many things, including this.
  • Tim Marrion: @TimMarrion - It's random, but what I remember most about Marrion on Twitter is his string of three food tweets in two separate days. Don't ask why. Marrion interacts well with people on Twitter, worth a follow.
  • Paul Wulff: @CoachWulff - Doesn't tweet a whole lot but he's a good guy, and our head football coach, so follow this man!
  • Todd Sturdy/Chris Ball: @CoachSturdy/@CoachBall - Woah! Slow down there with the tweets boys! Okay, these two are in here as a joke, don't follow them. They've combined for 10 total tweets, all coming from Ball. Good work.
  • Ken Bone: @Ken_Bone - Coach Bone is a great guy, I remember when he brought pizza out to the fans waiting in line for the UW game last year. Follow Coach Bone --> Get pizza. Or something like that.

WSU Athletes (Current/Former) This one will be a lengthy list, so most players I'll just list by name and Twitter handle. For those that are particularly entertaining, I'll leave a remark.

AWESOME People Related to WSU This is either current Cougs, Coug Alumni, people who write about the Cougs, or just people somehow connected to the school. I'll run this list the same as the athletes list.

Our Incredibly Talented Writers These guys help run our favorite blog right here! They're also SUPER active on Twitter and great to follow. They always respond to your questions and are just fun to talk to. Definitely, if you follow anyone, follow these guys.

Now I can guarantee I didn't get everyone out there, so please, if you have someone to add to the list post it in the comments!

This FanPost does not necessarily reflect the views of the site's writers or editors, who may not have verified its accuracy. It does, however, reflect the views of this particular fan, which is just as important as the views of our writers or editors.

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