Walked away from my Job to go to coug games this year

So I recently just got hired to be a waitstaff at a retirement home, and today was my first day. During the interview process on wednesday,  they kinda rushed me into the job and asked if I could work holidays and so I said yes except for Christmas, im going to be out of town. So i got hired and they gave me the tour and throughout the tour im thinking "i should tell them about Coug games" But tour finished up and I end up not telling them thinking it wont be that big of deal just 6 weekends out of the year im not going to be able to work. right? 

Well back to today. I go into work and I mapped out  on a pice of paper the days im not going to be able to work due to going to coug games with my grandpa. After I explained what coug games were(this was really frustrating she couldnt grasp the concept that people go watch college football games) The look I got was priceless! It was as if I was asking to not work at all and still get paid for it. 

I explained to her that these are times Im not going to be able to get back, my grandpa is getting older and he invited me to go to all the games with him(basically he just wants someone to drive him) ,but regardless something im not passing up, and these memories im going to treasure the rest of my life. She understood that part, being as she was a manager at a retirement home. 

But she just kept explaining this has to be my number one commitment and so on and so on. So she gave me the choice. 

Work there and not go to the coug games OR walk away and get terminated and be able to go to all the coug games i want with my gramps

Obviously I signed my walking papers and left, and dont regret it one bit! 

But now Im out of a job once again and looking once again....but this time I learned my lesson, I need something thats gonna let me get some weekends off!:] 

Thanks for reading

as always GO COUGS!!

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