Quick Saturday Scrimmage Recap PLUS Stadium Renovation Update



First things first, That's a panorama of the renovation progress that I took this afternoon. Apparently they are working weekends now, as they were still at work at 5 when I left the baseball game.

Now onto the scrimmage:

Here's some stats from the athletic department.

  • First off, the answer you are all looking for: Halliday wasn't dressed.
  • The "number 1" defense from what I could tell look like this: DLine: Cooper, Laurenzi, Williams. LB: Coen (I think, but I heard Oertel's name a lot), Monroe, Su'a, Long. CB: Simmons, Clark, Horton (choose any of the three, Washington is hurt). S: Carpenter, Bucannon (Toomor is hurt).
  • The offensive line went (from L to R) Fullington, Zack Johnson, Bosch, Spitz, Forbes. Meighen also got some time at center, and Goetz wasn't dressed.
  • Kristoff Williams and Marquess Wilson got most if not all of the time on the outside. Dominique Williams and Isiah Myers got a few plays there too. The inside guys subbed in and out constantly, but people that got a lot of time were Ratliff, Bomber, Lintz, Dockery, Bontemps, and Simone. I think Eaddy got a few reps too.
  • As far as plays, I really don't have much. Marquess Wilson made a few good grabs on balls from Tuel. Simone scored a TD on a deep post route from Gilbertson.
  • Isiah Myers caught a long TD from Clements on a beutifully thrown deep ball.
  • The defense made a few good stands and forced about 3 field goals. Pu'u Robinson was able to block one of them. The defense also made a stand at about the half yard line. Granted, there were two pass interference calls in the end zone that resulted in just replaying the down, but they were stands none the less.
  • Daniel Simmons had a nice interception of Jeff Tuel on a pass intended for Wilson. I honestly have no ideal how he came down with it since I didn't have a very good view.
  • There was quite a few "sacks" as well. Those roving LB's of Long, Mayes, and Puu-Robinson were getting into the backfield pretty well.
  • If Andrei Lintz has one thing working against him, it will be his speed. He is a big target and made a catch that most other guys could've possible turned into a TD, but he was run down.

Sorry there isn't really a whole lot here. I was more focused on watching than taking diligent notes on my phone that kept shutting off. If you had to ask who won, it'd be really hard to say. The offense got their big plays in, but the defense had theirs as well.

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