OTFP: Greatest Player You've Ever Seen?

There was a very spirited discussion on twitter tonight revolving around whether or not we can talk about Marquess Wilson being the best player we've ever had, or simply the best WR. I tend to think he'll easily be the best WR, but he'll be in the discussion for best ever.

All of this is assuming he leaves after this year for the NFL. Which, yeah, he's leaving guys. Let's not kid ourselves. If by some miracle he stayed for his senior year, we're not debating this: he's the best player we've ever had. Period. He's probably the 2nd best player we've ever had in any sport behind Jeshua Anderson, and he's one of the greatest WRs in college football history.

Anyways. The point of this Off Topic FanPost was not Marquess Wilson, or even the Cougs (but maybe it is!): who is the best player, in any sport of your choosing, you've ever seen? I'm not talking about debating whether or not Jim Brown was better than Barry Sanders or if Ken Griffey, Jr. was better than Barry Bonds. Simply, who is the best player you've ever seen? It doesn't have to be live (but we can make that another category).

For me, it's gotta be Michael Jordan. I remember not really understanding how good he was when the Bulls played the Sonics (also because I was only 11) for the NBA title, but I knew he was the best player in the NBA. I just didn't realize at the time that he was the best ever.

As far as the best I've ever seen live, it's either Griffey or Nolan Ryan. I almost went to an LA Kings game when I was younger, so I would have been able to see Wayne Gretzky, but my dad wound up not being able to make it work.

Honorable Mention:

Roger Federer

Tiger Woods

Alex Rodriguez

Tom Brady

college Reggie Bush

Albert Pujols

Edit: I can't believe I forgot Walter Jones.

So what about you guys?

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