All Your Required College Football Playoff Reading In One Place

SEC commissioner Mike Slive was one of the more outspoken proponents of a college football playoff, which his fellow commissioners adopted yesterday. The new four-team model will begin play in the 2014 season.

As you might have noticed, yesterday was a fairly significant day in the history of college football with the conference commissioners actually adopting a four-team playoff.

Personally, I expected much bigger fanfare when this finally happened, but I suppose the fact that it had been out there for a few months and then adopted with stunning swiftness -- there was shockingly little drama -- kept it from being too crazy.

Nonetheless, there really will be a playoff in college football, starting in the 2014 college football season. I don't think four teams is enough, and you'll see in some of the pieces below why it's still likely to have a similar set of problems as the BCS, but it's unquestionably a step in the right direction.

If I was king of college football, it would be an eight-team playoff, given that most years there are somewhere between one and three teams that are pretty clearly above the rest with a slew of teams following them that look pretty similar. No matter what anyone says, eight teams would still preserve the sanctity of the regular season.

But hey -- baby steps.

I spent a lot of time reading different takes on the adoption, so I took a few minutes and compiled them all for you. You might especially take interest in Bill Connelly's exploration of how the new system might have played out in each year of the BCS, including 2002. Did the Cougs make the cut for the playoff? I also might humbly suggest to you that Dan Wetzel's piece is mandatory reading on the subject.

And if you came across any other good stuff that I didn't see, feel free to drop it in the comments.

Presidents approve seeded four-team college football playoff - Andy Staples -
WASHINGTON -- As 12 university CEOs, 11 conference commissioners and one athletic director waited Tuesday to exit the room where they had made history minutes earlier, public relations guru Ari Fleischer looked back at the group. "Now," Fleischer said, pointing to the room where a stage and cameras waited, "comes the hard part."

The BCS finally has a stake driven through its heart, but the bowls and the big bucks still reign - Dan Wetzel - Yahoo! Sports
Rejoice in the implementation of a playoff, but know that college football still kowtows to bowl officials.

SitRep: Mysterious, Impending College Football Playoff - Spencer Hall -
The mission to achieve a college football playoff has been accomplished. This debrief provides the bare minimum of what you need to know.

College Football Playoffs Will Still Provide Plenty To Be Mad About - Bill Connelly -
So college football is getting itself a shiny new playoff. We don't know who will be on a playoff selection committee, but we can begin to look at the questions the committee will face from year to year.

DOOMED BEFORE IT STARTS - Dan Wolken - The Daily
There’s a new system, but don’t confuse it with a playoff

New playoff setup eliminates have-nots, doesn't quite solve the problem - Dennis Dodd -
So we finally have a playoff in college football. While it's a great talking point for fans, Dennis Dodd wonders what the have-nots will do. And is this the solution or just a step to something bigger down the road?

What does a playoff mean for Pac-12? - Pac-12 Blog - Ted Miller - ESPN
A college football playoff is at hand! Yippee! Well, it will be at hand in 2014. And, well, it's a Final Four, not really a full-on playoff. Think of

Pac-12 football: The future of the Big Ten scheduling partnership - Jon Wilner - College Hotline

Playoff Precedents: College football has its bracket, but is it going to work? - Matt Hinton -
Applying the failures of the BCS to the new four-team playoff.

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