Introducing 'Simming The Season' Via NCAA Football '13

I took this picture in my car. Don't worry, I cropped out my crotch.

As many of you who follow me on twitter know, I absolutely love the NCAA Football series from EA Sports. Every July is like Christmas for me as I spend countless hours playing video game football while awaiting the real life version to begin. Since I'm probably the most impatient person in the history of ever, I figured I'd get a head start on the Cougs 2012 season. Now, I don't think anyone is really interested in reading about how I did against the computer on Varsity difficulty, but I wonder ... how would we do if I just simmed the games against the computer on Heisman difficulty?

More details after the jump.

Starting Monday, I'll begin to post recaps of games played, stats, and other random tidbits I find to be interesting or hilarious. I want to spread this out, so each post will be a one game recap and I'll limit myself to two posts per week. Inevitably, someone somewhere will get upset because their team shouldn't lose to WSU or so-and-so shouldn't be above what's-his-face on the depth chart. I'd like to take this time to remind everyone:

I'm simming a season of video game football on my Xbox 360. If you're really that upset about something that goes on during this series, you probably need to re-evaluate your life. Having said all of that, this should be fun. It should be interesting, anyway. I look forward to losing to Oregon 83 - 56. Before we get into the depth chart, here are the players redshirting, thus not in the depth chart below:

QB Austin Apodaca, RB Teondray Caldwell, WR Gabriel Marks, WR Alex Jackson, WR Robert Lewis, LT Eduardo Middleton, FS David Bucannon, and SS Taylor Taliulu.

Also of note: the game limits rosters to 70 rather than 85, so a lot of players that I wanted on the team were left off. Unfortunately, these things can't be avoided. So if you're upset one of the following dudes is missing, sorry. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Omissons: QB David Gilbertson, RB Theron West, WR Dominique Williams, WR Bennett Bontemps, WR Drew Loftus, WR Blair Bomber, WR Brett Bartolone, OL Pierson Villarrubia, OL BJ Salmonson, OL Brent Anderson, DE Destiny Vaeao, DT Robert Barber, DT Steven Hoffart, LB Jacob Tuivaiave, LB Jared Byers, S Tyrone Duckett, S Feddie Davey, and K Mike Bowlin. Sorry guys!

Depth Chart:

QB: Jeff Tuel, Connor Halliday, Cody Clements

RB: Rickey Galvin, Carl Winston, Marcus Mason, Leon Brooks

"FB": Max Hersey, Andrei Lintz, Mansel Simmons

WR: Marquess Wilson, Bobby Ratliff, Kristoff Williams, Rahmel Dockery, Gino Simone, Isiah Myers

TE: Lintz, Simmons, Hersey

LT: John Fullington, Rico Forbes, Dan Spitz

LG: Wade Jacobson, Spitz, Elliott Bosch

C: Taylor Meighen, Denzell Dotson, Matt Goetz

RG: Goetz, Niu Sale, Moritz Christ

RT: Jake Rodgers, Sam Flor, Forbes

LE: Adam Coerper, Lenard Williams, Darryl Paulo, Xavier Cooper

RE: Travis Long, Logan Mayes, Justin Clayton

DT: Anthony Laurenzi, David Davis, Ioane Guata, Cooper, Clayton

LOLB: Cyrus Coen, Darryl Monroe, Khalil Pettway

MLB: Chester Su'a, Darren Markle, Kache Palacio, Keith Ewing

ROLB: Eric Oertel, Tana Pritchard, Jeremiah Allison

CB: Nolan Washington, Damante Horton, Daniel Simmons, Tracy Clark, Brandon Golden

FS: Tyree Toomer, Casey Locker, Anthony Carpenter

SS: Deone Bucannon, Carpenter, Locker

K: Andrew Furney

P: Tyler McNannay

KR: Dockery, Mason

PR: Dockery

WSU had zero All-Americans but Marquess Wilson and Travis Long were both First Team All-Pac 12. Oregon had the most 1st Team All-Pac12ers with eight, and the most overall with 14 total (there are only two "teams"). Oregon State was the only team with zero first or second teamers. More like LOLregon State, amirite?

Pre-season rankings list the Cougs as 86th best team in the land, which seems a little low, but considering our last four years, I'll take it. There's a new feature called "Championship Contenders" and it lists a four year estimated ranking for each school. Here's how WSU shakes out:

2012: #86

2013: #53

2014: #44

2015: #48

So while things currently don't look great, the future does look bright. I figure we're probably in the 70s, but I can't really argue with being ranked 86th overall. Lastly, for those curious about the Heisman Trophy: the top five candidates are Matt Barkley (QB, USC), Montee Ball (RB, Wisconsin), Tyrann Mathieu (CB, LSU), Denard Robinson (QB, Michigan), and Landry Jones (QB, Oklahoma). I fully expect Robert Barber to create himself in the game and win though, so, sorry guys.

That's pretty much everything. I'll sim the first game this weekend and post the (hopefully positive!) outcome on Monday. Go Cougs.

EDIT: I forgot to add something. I spent countless hours retooling WSU's roster. If you have the game for XBox 360, go to the Roster Share section, Download Roster, and type in my gamertag: PlayerKyle14. That will get you full rosters, plus a really updated WSU. I downloaded rosters originally from PastaPadre who does a great job each year. So don't spend a long time trying to update rosters on your own, just use mine! For those out there with a PS3, Joe Doyle has done a great job with rosters himself. You can download his on PS3 under the gamertag: Kla55ic_Koug

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