What to Expect in 2012

Like most everyone here I am pretty excited for football this year. I want to think that we have a chance in every game even if it is a slim chance in a few of them. My main thought is that we are going to score a bunch of points but we might give up a ton of points and lose a couple that way i.e 56-55.

So reading all the banter from BYU got me to thinking about my main premise... that we will score a bunch of points. Just from reading about the team... seeing most of the games last year I was thinking this had to be true. I mean our passing offense was good last year with a backup QB and a complex system. I think that I have heard we had the 9th best passing attack in the NCAA... not sure if that was scoring... yards or what but I know I had heard 9th. So a simple system that our guys have been practicing to death this summer we would get better right?

Well my next thought was well how can I prove it? Did it change at Tech when Leach got there?... I hear about the wins and the bowl games all the time but what was it like that first year? I even read a Tech fan on one of our boards say that they dropped 58 on Oklahoma in the first year of the air raid. I really wanted to "prove" that we were going to be good and score all day!

So I looked at all the years that Leach was at Tech and what the average scores were and I also looked at the year before he got there and the year after he left. Here is what I found:

Average Scores:

1999 - 23.00 (Before Leach)

2000 - 25.38

2001 - 33.50

2002 - 36.86

2003 - 42.46

2004 - 36.17

2005 - 39.42

2006 - 32.46

2007 - 40.92

2008 - 47.15

2009 - 39.00

2010 - 33.08 (After Leach)

Total Leach Averaged 37.15 points per game. Which is awesome! What worries me is that in year one the average was 25.38 points then year 2 33.50 points.

I guess what I am wondering is... is this what we are looking forward to this year and then an explosion in year 2? Leach upped the average by 2.38 points per game in year one then 10 points in year 2? Should we expect the same?

Has he refined his coaching/practices so that the learning curve will happen much faster? Does the fact that the air raid has been around a while help to teach/learn it faster? Will our guys pick it up faster because they already had a good passing attack? Did Leach start out with the wrong players for his system and that is why it took a bit to get going? Has anyone asked coach Leach about this and I missed it? Am I worried about nothing?

Did I just waste my time? Am I dying to watch football so bad that just spent an hour making an Excel spreadsheet to try to prove to myself that we are going to win next week only to cause myself more worry?

Despite what I may or may not ( most likely not ) have just proven I am still excited about WSU football this year. I would much rather have gone into the BYU game with my Excel sheet telling me that everything was going to be great. but...An average of 37 points a game and 8.5 wins a season over the next 10 years still sounds pretty nice to me.

This post may or may not make any sense. I know you will never get the time back that you spent reading it.

I do know that this makes sense! Go Cougs!

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