2012 College Football Rankings: BlogPoll Top 25 Draft Ballot

West Virginia and Dana Holgorsen will be right at home in the Big 12. This picture had to be used. There was no other option.

SB Nation's version of College Football rankings is back for the 2012 season as I present to you my preseason BlogPoll Top 25 draft ballot.

Before you dive in, remember that ranking teams before the season starts is mostly based on who has the prettiest names and uniforms. This will probably be the ballot that I am least attached to, so feel free to leave your suggestions for changes in the comments and I will assuredly take them into consideration.

My BlogPoll ballot is due before early morning tomorrow (Tuesday). So if you have something to say, say it now. And yes, there are about a billion and a half SEC teams in there. My rankings for this week were compiled using the scientific method of asking myself "Who is a good team?" Then I would drag their name over with the handy ballot-filling-out thingy. After there were enough names, I arranged them in an order that didn't look too egregious.

After the jump, a few notes, in bullet point fashion (and the rankings).

  • Oklahoma State and Stanford, who were both top-five teams a year ago, are still hanging around in the mid-teens. They lost some key players, but they have both built their depth to a point where they can compete and be in the rankings on a yearly basis. Also, Okie State has got that Boone Pickens coiiiiiiiiiin.
  • The Michigan teams are right next to each other, because it looks cool that way. Michigan State is ahead because my friend goes to law school there.
  • The Big 12 has six teams on my ballot, with the help of its two new additions.
  • Speaking of that, West Virginia plays in the Big 12 now. Points in the Big 12 flow like Busch Light at The Coug. I can't wait to see what Holgo can do (Clemson fans will be prohibited from watching due to the potential of harmful flashbacks caused by PTSD).
  • I've got LSU at No. 1. Not because I think they are absolutely the best team in the country, but because I don't think Oregon or USC are. Does that make sense?
  • Of course it doesn't, these are college football rankings! College football rankings never make sense.

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