My Thoughts from the game. Not that they're exciting (or factual) but I'm on the East Coast and posted them before you!

At this point I'm ok with our own fans being pissed off, wanting to bench Tuel, and generally complaining about everything. Shows we got rid of some of the apathy developed the past few years because that game just sucked, plain and simple.

Luckily over my time as a WSU football fan my body has developed an adaptation to the disappointment and I want to drink less the worse it gets. I was done by halftime so luckily I didn't go to bed drunk. After reading about the game a bit here are my thoughts (as if they matter in any way):

1. Jeff Tuel hasn't played a full game since 2010 when he finished the season strong. He played a half against OSU last year and is a very inexperienced "Senior" QB. It looks like he's really overthinking it out there. The Air Raid is supposed to be about quick reads and quick throws, when they dropped 7 or 8 he panicked and I don't think he trusted himself enough to gun it in there (something Halliday showed in his few games). I obviously couldn't tell from TV but generally even with 7 guys dropping there's a spot somewhere in the zone, you might have to anticipate it at times but I'd be willing to bet they'll look at tape and see missed holes in that zone. Tuel needs some swagger in his play (bad cliche #1).

2. Once again, we have zero RBs who can get yards on their own and no holes to run through. Wasn't half the point of the wide splits to allow for bigger running lanes? They stopped our running game with 3 or 4 players. Anytime that happens they can drop everyone and defend the pass (its pretty much exactly how I play NCAA).

More after the jump...

3. Pass blocking was meh but not the undoing of the team. Yay?

4. I was quite impressed with the Front 7 of the defense. Nelson did a good job moving around the pocket and a more stationary QB would've been sacked much more by us. Run D was hit or miss, stop them for 2 or they go for 10. Liked what we saw from Pole, Gauta, Sagote, and Monroe. Long had some plays but they seemed to run away from him quite a bit too.

5. I don't know what the hell happened with the DBs. We'd get decent pressure and then there'd be a WR with nobody within 10 yards of him to let Nelson make an easy pass. When they ran the hurry up our DBs were so far off the line leaving WRs so open it wouldn't have mattered if we had the '85 Bears pass rush, they wouldn't have gotten there in time. Taliulu can hit.

6. I'm not going to mention "Special" Teams. I almost started chugging whiskey when I saw the rugby punt make an appearance.

7. I really enjoyed the Google hangout at halftime, got some good analysis without listening to idiots on TV.

Overall, this game showed me that the team has more carry over from the Wulff era than I would've thought. Its still early, I was too optimistic. Hard to undo 4 years in a single offseason. Once they were behind it seemed that they had no confidence in themselves or their game plan. One thing I thought we'd see is when we got behind the Air Raid would be clicking and we could still move the ball and score. Instead BYU just teed off on Tuel (who again was holding the ball too long).

This is very cliché but as soon as we got behind they didn't look like they thought they could catch up, they didn't seem to have any swagger (awful cliche #2). It felt like I could just tell things were going to keep getting worse and that Tuel wasn't going to able to drop back and bomb it to Wilson. Playing a good BYU team on the road was a bad way to start, would've been much better off with an Eastern or UNLV. Another thing I want to see different from the Wulff era is consistent improvement over the season, they should look back at this game later in the season and laugh at how bad they were in this one.

Eastern beat Idaho pretty good last night, that game won't be another Idaho St. My optimism will be subdued for a few days but that's probably a good thing, good thing I have the Pac 12 network (sorry SoCalCoug).

If this post made any sense maybe I might have another good thought someday: @Klokkins

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