WSU vs. UNLV Football: Introducing Baxter's Beer Of The Game

Baxter the dog will be enjoying an Alchemist Heady Topper this evening as he watches the WSU Cougars take on the UNLV Rebels.

The Washington State Cougars face the UNLV Rebels on Friday night in Las Vegas, and CougCenter has previewed the living crap out of game. One thing we haven't went over is the beverages and eats you all will be enjoying before, during and after the contest on ESPN.

To start the discussion, my dog Baxter and I will tell you what beer we (I) will be enjoying while we watch Cougar football. The inaugural choice is one of my favorite beers of all time: Alchemist Heady Topper.

Heady Topper is brewed by a small, 15-barrel brewery in Waterbury, VT called the Alchemist. The beer started as an offering of the Alchemist Brewpub, but the restaurant was damaged beyond repair in the devastating flood that swept through Vermont last August as a result of Hurricane Irene.

The Alchemist re-emerged earlier this year as a stand-alone brewery, and Heady Topper has quickly become one of the most demanded beers in the state. They typically distribute on Wednesday, and if you don't go to the store and get it that day, it is gone. Beer Advocate gives Heady Topper a perfect 100.

If you ever are in Vermont, I highly recommend a visit to The Alchemist. They are just down the street from the Ben and Jerry's Factory. They offer samples of their delicious brews and have an old-school table-top Mrs. Pacman game, which can be played for free and is highly addicting.

Craig's Review: Heady Topper is a delicious double IPA with an intense grapefruit hop aroma. I love to inhale through my nose before every sip and enjoy the scent that reminds of my hometown (Yakima, WA).

The hops are the star, and even at the 8% alcohol level, the sweetness from the malt does not overpower. The label implores you to drink straight from the can, and that is how i typically enjoy it (sorry, Kyle Sherwood).

Baxter's Review: Beer is icky. Craig put it up to my nose and it took me one sniff to realize what it was and I immediately pulled back. I wish he would just drink more yummy things and give me some of that barbecued pork.

So that is what Baxter and I are drinking tonight. What will you be enjoying on this special Friday edition of Cougar football?

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