TV information for WSU-Lamar basketball: Joined in progress

William Mancebo

WSU takes on Lamar at 9:30 PM on Saturday night and, due to contractual obligations with football, we may miss a significant part of the game.

If you're planning on staying up late on Saturday night to catch Washington State take on Lamar, I have some bad news for you.

According to a release from the Pac-12 Networks, the game will only be seen on Pac-12 Washington and, due to obligations with their football contract, will only be joined in progress following the Oregon State and Arizona State football game. The kicker? Because of "technical issues" the game won't air online until the OSU-ASU football game ends either.

Here is the information from the horse's mouth:

Pac-12 Networks must televise the Oregon State-Arizona State football game across all seven networks in its entirety, regardless of the state of the football game. However, as soon as the football game ends, Pac-12 Washington viewers will be taken to the Washington State-Lamar men’s basketball game as soon as possible and will not see the Pac-12 Football Postgame Report.
Due to technical reasons, it is not possible for viewers to watch Washington State-Lamar via Pac-12 Now or on until the Oregon State-Arizona State football game is complete.

The release goes on to say that people who receive the channel on Dish Network won't be able to see the game on TV at all.

The Washington State-Lamar game is not being offered on an alternative channel for DISH subscribers, therefore you will receive the Pac-12 Postgame Report being aired on Pac-12 Networks. If DISH subscribers wish to view the Washington State-Lamar game, they must authenticate via the Pac-12 Now app or go to to view Pac-12 Washington on their computer or mobile device.

If the football game, which kicks off at 6:30, ends on time, then there won't be any issues. But, if the OSU and Arizona State game turns out to be an offensive explosion, which it has every chance to be, Cougar fans may miss a half of the game, or more. If that happens, or if the football game runs too long, a replay will be seen in the game's entirety at 3:30 AM on Pac-12 Washington. A replay will not be shown on Pac-12 National, but you can watch that replay online, if you want... I guess...

It's an interesting situation to say the least. It probably good that, unlike a WSU-Lamar game 2 years ago, this game will be on TV at some point, in some form or another.

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