Get to know Pierson Villarrubia, offensive lineman


He's a big guy! But not that big by offensive line standards. Yet!

If you learn nothing else about Pierson Villarrubia in this profile, you will learn this: He is the only player from the state of Louisiana on the WSU Cougars' roster.

How he got here, of course, is the stuff of recruiting legend. Villarrubia's mom, who lives in Spokane, literally drove to Pullman and dropped off a tape of her son with Paul Wulff and his staff. I like to imagine her dropping off the VHS cassette in a plain manilla envelope and then someone in the football office making a joke about a VHS cassette being delivered to the football staff in an unmarked envelope.

We assume it's this video; we also assume it's the Dukes of Hazzard music that sold the staff:

Another thing to know about Villarrubia is that he was the quintessential WSU offensive lineman recruit: A bit on the light side out of high school (265 pounds) with a good frame (6-foot-4) on which there is room to grow as he spends the proper amount of time at the training table and in the weight room.

Let's get to know Pierson Villarrubia.

Villarrubia's WSU Career

No career to speak of yet!

2012 Retrospective

Villarrubia redshirted last year, and I cannot find any record of him doing anything. We'll just assume he did what most redshirting freshman offensive lineman do: Eat a lot of food, lift a lot of weights, and play hard on the scout team.

What to expect in 2013

Villarrubia does not appear on the pre-fall camp depth chart, which isn't a shock. He wasn't on the spring two-deep, either. As I said, we knew when he was offered that it might take him a while to develop. Here's what Leach said when he signed:

"We needed offensive linemen. A good solid player, the other thing is when he came up on a visit here and we were pleasantly surprised to see that he’d grown a little. Just a good, solid player. He’s one of those guys that plays from the neck up a little bit, anybody who’s like that you can really expand their role. Quick feet, long arms and he’s going to get bigger."

If he continues to develop, this is probably a name you won't hear about regularly until about 2015.

All-Star tweet

Villarrubia does not appear to use Twitter.


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