The Yost impact on H & Y: Does it matter?


EDIT NUSS: Bumped to the front page because I like it.

There are three big factors in improving the offense this year. Quarterback and O-line play receive the most attention since they impact the entire offense. They’ve also gotten the most attention from Caple and others writing about the Cougs.

After reading about lack of production from the inside receivers detailed in this June blog post – I’m more interested in following and discussing how much the inside receivers improve this year.

After looking at the 2012 production from the inside receivers – the 2013 Cougs will need a huge step forward to approach the production of the 2000-2004 Leach Tech teams used as a benchmark.

According to Brian - Leach’s optimal production from the five skill positions would be about 1,000 yards each for the four receivers. According to a recent Caple article, Coach Simmons wants 1,700 yards each from X and Z.

In 2012 the X and Z (outside) receivers were both about on target in terms of touches and yards. Based on what’s been written about camp so far and returning talent, most expect that to improve in 2013.

To match the 2000’s Tech teams the Cougs need a 40% increase in touches and double the yards per game from the inside receivers compared to 2012.

WSU would also need a ludicrous 475% increase in touchdowns from those positions but that seems silly to even discuss.

Those are big numbers but WSU also brought in a big name coach in January. Will he make an impact on the inside production in his first year?

Coming into camp I was hoped Bartolone and Ratliff would grab the starting H and Y spots and hang on to them all year. I expected Galvin and Lewis to be solid 2nd stringers with plenty of playing time.

What I’m reading so far about camp is not encouraging. Galvin hasn’t done anything to distinguish himself as a WR in practice. It also looks like Cracraft will see the field quite a bit this year.

We know at least four guys are going to play the inside, how much more production is realistic to expect this year?

Will Yost make a tangible difference in production, or is there still not enough inside talent to reach CML’s desired offensive distribution?

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