GIF-A-Palooza: The Cougar win over Southern Utah, as told in GIFs

William Mancebo

The Cougs dominated Southern Utah in a lot of ways. Now, you can watch the ways in handy GIF format.

Last week, the premiere of GIF-a-palooza was a huge hit. It was the talk of the town and won multiple awards, including two Emmys at the technical ceremony on Sunday night (it beat the special effects team from Orange is the New Black and the makeup department from the AMC series Talking Dead). This week, it's back and it's better than ever. I was working at the game and couldn't GIF during, so I sat down yesterday and rewatched everything, recapturing the best, and only the best, in graphics interchange format.

And now, in chronological order, the best moments from Saturday's win over the Southern Utah Thunderbirds:

Connor Halliday started things off during the first drive with an absolutely perfect pass to Dom Williams.


Now, I don't pretend to be smart. I don't break down plays or anything like that. I'm no Brian Anderson. But, I'm pretty sure that you're supposed to block that guy, Kache Palacio, before he gets to your QB.


Something good happens when a football player jumps about 1% of the time. Cracraft tries his luck not once...


... But twice.


It wasn't all fun and games for the Cougs. Connor threw his only pick of the game in the second and, luckily, it looked like it was mostly due to a miscommunication.


From this angle, you can clearly see Isiah Myers take corner route and Connor throw a post. It would have been open had they been on the same page. Also, that's a pretty great catch by the defensive back.


Hey, speaking of great catches on interceptions... How about Daquawn Brown, huh?


Nobody better lay a finger on Connor's Butterfinger.


The first time that Halliday hooked up with Dom Williams was a pretty good throw. This one, was probably even better.


Here's a different angle. That throw could not have been any more perfect.


(Note: At this point in my rewatch I took a time out to watch the Seahawks frustrate the hell out of Jim Harbaugh)


After the game (And a hell of an episode of Breaking Bad) I returned to the game and...

I Pick 6 until they stop me, Wilson...


Ioane Gauta is a train conductor. Choo-Choo!!


Jeremy Bloom had a rough game as color commentator. Not only did he constantly call the WSU quarterback Connor Holiday, but apparently, he also didn't get an opportunity to use the telestrator enough. Here he is talking about the only graphic on the screen and feeling the need to show us where it is with a big circle and a good ole "this right here."


Gabe Marks got a flag for this, which is good because, you know, showing any kind of excitement at all is wrong and is grounds for punishment.


This pick 6 from Kache Palacio was all wrong. For one thing, Damante Horton didn't do it and for another, Deone Bucannon would never allow it. His hold brought it back and set up for...


A pick of his own. Deone really needs to learn how to share.


Congrats to Vince Mayle on his first WSU TD. Another nicely thrown ball from Halliday to hit Mayle in the corner.


After that, they sat Connor down. He put on a visor. Visors are very popular among the college aged community, you know. We're all wearing them.


In Halliday's place, Austin Apodaca took the helm. It took him awhile, but he was finally able to complete his first pass.


Later on, Connor found a new head topper, this time a backwards adjustable hat. Connor Halliday is the face of fashion.


That's it for today. Which one is your favorite? Also, If you have any requests that I didn't find, let me know.

As a primer for next week, here's a look at Idaho:


I love that GIF.

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