Three football players depart, including Emmitt Su'a-Kalio

WSU Athletic Communications

WSU updated its roster at the end of April and there were a few changes. We round them up and update the scholarship chart.

College football rosters are in constant change. We don't realize the activity because every departure isn't reported, or even known, as it happens. Eventually the roster updates and we find out. WSU updated its roster at the end of April and there were several changes, including the departures of three scholarship players.

With that, it's time to run through the scholarship chart again and see where WSU stands.Both Britton Ransford of and$) had the news at about the same time.

As always, the details below are the best estimate we can provide and are not official.

Key: Bold = scholarship player, Italic = walk-on, * = used redshirt season

Connor Halliday*

Tyler Bruggman*

Connor Ennis*

Luke Falk*

Eric Anderson*

Peyton Bender


Theron West*

Marcus Mason

Teondray Caldwell

Parker Henry*

Gerard Wicks*

Jamal Morrow*

Squally Canada


Vince Mayle*

Kristoff Williams*

Isiah Myers

Rickey Galvin*

Dom Williams*

Gabe Marks

Brett Bartolone

Drew Loftus*

Tyler Baker*

Daniel Lilienthal*

River Cracraft

Willie Roach*

John Thompson

Robert Lewis*

Sebastian LaRue*

Zaire Andre

Calvin Green

Keith Harrington

Barry Ware

Nick Begg (TE)


Jacob Seydel*

Devonte McClain*

Gunnar Eklund*

Joe Dahl*

Sam Flor*

Eduardo Middleton*

Riley Sorenson

Carlos Freeman*

B.J. Salmonson*

Cody O'Connell*

Cole Madison*

Sean Krepsz

Brandon Evers

Andre Dillard

Jacob Tweten


Lyman Faoliu

Toni Pole*

Jeff Waldner*

Xavier Cooper*

Moritz Christ*

Darryl Paulo*

Robert Barber*

Destiny Vaeao

Sherman Hutcherson*

Daniel Ekuale*

Ngalu Tapa

Jalen Canty


Kache Palacio

Ivan McLennan*

Kingston Fernandez

Hercules Mata'afa


Cyrus Coen

Mitchell Peterson*

Chester Su'a*

Darryl Monroe*

Tana Pritchard*

Jeremiah Allison

Paris Taylor*

Peyton Pelluer*

Nate DeRider*

Nathan Hundeby*

Greg Hoyd

Frankie Luvu

Dylan Hanser


Tracy Clark*

Daquawn Brown

Beau Glover*

Charleston White*

Kahshan Greene*

Kamel Greene*

Dakota Sinchak*

Joshua Vizcaya*

Kevin Griffin

Marcellus Pippins

Sulaiman Hameed

Patrick Porter

Deion Singleton


Taylor Taliulu

David Bucannon*

Isaac Dotson

Colton Teglovic*

Darius Lemora*


Wes Concepcion*

Erik Powell*

Wes Concepcion*

Jonathan Weilbacher

Alex Den Bleyker

Jerred Sonneborn*


Three scholarship players and a handful of walk-ons have departed since the last roster update. The defensive line depth took a bit of a hit with defensive tackle Gerald Sterling and defensive end/BUCK linebacker Emmitt Su'a-Kalio no longer on the roster. Both spent just one season at WSU and would have been redshirt freshman next year. Su'a-Kalio, if you remember, was involved in a lockerroom altercation where he allegedly punched then walk-on quarterback Domenic Rockey. Su'a-Kalio plead guilty to fourth-degree assault while Rockey reportedly had to have his jaw wired shut. Rockey is no longer with the team either.

Markell Sanders, who arrived in January as a grayshirt, has also been removed from the roster. Sanders was initially part of WSU's 2013 signing class, but suffered a serious injury during his senior season. He delayed enrollment and joined the team for the spring semester. He was slated to play safety for the Cougars.

Position changes:

Not much movement here. I moved Nick Begg from an offensive line projection to wide receiver with the TE designation. Begg is officially listed on the roster as a TE, although I'd still expect him to eventually land on the offensive line. Walk-on Parker Henry makes the move from linebacker to running back.


With the three departures, WSU is down to an estimated 75 scholarship athletes for the fall, 10 below the maximum allowed. Of the walk-ons, I'd estimate Alex Den Bleyker and Beau Glover are the next in line for scholarships if they haven't received them already. It wouldn't be a surprise if Den Bleyker is on scholarship. Luke Falk is likely moving his way into the scholarship discussion as well. He could wind up beating out Tyler Bruggman for No. 2 duties this fall and with Austin Apodaca gone, Falk could slide into his scholarship.

Beyond moving a couple of walk-ons to scholarship athletes, there isn't anything the Cougars can do to improve their numbers this season. Even with a small senior class departing, WSU won't have any trouble signing a full class in February. They already have an estimated 22 spots and more players are sure to depart between now and the fall camp 2015. Depending on attrition, WSU could come close to the 85-scholarship limit and should at least spend next season in the 80s.

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