Apple Cup 2012: Washington player punched as fans rush field

William Mancebo

Rushing the field can be a problem, especially when the opposing team is trying to get off the field. One fan struck Austin Seferian-Jenkins with a punch on Friday in an awful display.

Update: We have a second story up with more information and GIFs. Austin Seferian-Jenkins was the player that was punched.

So this is the problem with fans rushing the field. It may be fun for the fans and the home team, but there's also some danger involved. Mix a bunch of people congregating in the same place and there's bound to be some problems, especially when the other team is still on the field.

Watch the video below from Friday's Apple Cup. At about the 10 second mark, you'll see a Washington player walking off the field with his helmet in his hands. A couple people run up next to him, and suddenly the Washington player is on the ground. It looks like he was punched -- I couldn't tell who punched him -- and he went down in a hurry.

Look closely at the 45 yard line around the 10 second mark. You'll see the Washington player carrying his helmet as a fan runs up. He's right on the numbers in the bottom-right corner of the video.

Video via @BigSassy21

That's, uh ... not a good look guys. It's kind of hard to tell what happened, but it sure looks like the Washington player was sucker punched by the guy in the blue(ish?) jacket. As the camera pans back, he's getting up and kind of wandering towards the crowd, perhaps looking for who hit him. He's quickly ushered off by, I think, WSU staff members.

Be better than this, guys. It was a fun win, but stop this crap when the Apple Cup is in Pullman. Last time it was the ice incident, which was incredibly dangerous for a lot of innocent bystanders. This time it's the video above.

Win graciously. Don't put a black mark on a great day.

Edit: I've been told by multiple people that the player being punched is Austin Seferian-Jenkins. If you're having trouble making out what's going on in the video, this handy GIF should help (thanks Mark!)


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