Coug of the Year

COTY Final Four: Kyle Weaver vs. Derrick Low


This is the matchup I've been dreading since I came up with the Coug of the Year bracket. I imagine that if you have two children, and someone asks you which one is your favorite, this is pretty...

COTY Final Four: Tony Bennett vs. Aron Baynes


Coug of the Year has reached the semi-finals. First, a bracket check: (click to enlarge) It's an all Cougar basketball final four - and, just like you'd expect in real life, Tony Bennett put...

COTY Elite Eight: #3 Derrick Low vs. #6 Taylor Rochestie


The final matchup of the Coug of the Year Elite Eight just isn't fair. You're being asked to choose between this season's team leader or last season's. It's a choice between a young man from...

COTY Elite Eight: #2 Kyle Weaver vs. #7 Jim Sterk


Today is a great day in American history. I'm talking, of course, about our opportunity to put Kyle Weaver in the Final Four of the Coug of the Year competition. Your votes make the difference. #...

COTY Elite Eight: #13 Jeshua Anderson vs. #12 Aron Baynes


Rick Neuheisal Regional Final Good luck with this one. On one side, a two-sport athlete who is a national champion and one of our best wide receivers. On the other, the incomparable Aron Baynes,...

COTY Elite Eight: #1 Tony Bennett vs. #9 Matt Potter


First, how's about a bracket check? (click to enlarge) We're down to eight. On the right side of the bracket, things went pretty much as expected - all of the top seeds advanced. On the left, we...

COTY First Round: #6 Taylor Rochestie vs. #11 Brandon Gibson


It's the last matchup of the first round. And it's a good one. First, however, a bracket update for you, through games finished on or before 1/12/08: Now, we have the leader of the 2008-09...

COTY First Round: #3 Derrick Low vs. #14 Robbie Cowgill


Coug of the Year continues, with an intriguing matchup on tap. It's the first time in the competition that two WSU teammates have met up - not surprising, though, as the entire starting five from...

COTY 2008 First Round: #7 Jim Sterk vs. #10 Bernard Lagat


Now, Coug of the Year gets a little more interesting. A gameday  7/10 matchup for you: #7 Jim Sterk Jim Sterk is arguably the guy responsible for most of the people in this bracket. He...

Coug of the Year First Round: #2 Kyle Weaver vs. #15 Nico Grasu


This really isn't fair to Grasu. #2 Kyle Weaver No explanation necessary. #15 Nico Grasu Clutch.

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