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How to not pull an epic upset

When a team is heavily out-manned, there are certain strategies it can employ in an effort to tilt the game in its favor. WSU sort of tried to do that on Saturday, but probably didn't go far enough.

Previewing The Oregon Ducks, Via Cougar Sports Weekly

As part of the ramp up to the football season, I've been previewing each of the Cougars' opponents this fall in Cougar Sports Weekly. After starting my newsletter off with an analysis of the quarterback situation, I moved on to the Ducks.

What Is WSU Getting In Mike Breske? (Via Cougar Sports Weekly)

Here's a short excerpt from this morning's Cougar Sports Weekly, in which I spend about 1,200 words examining WSU's new defensive coordinator Mike Breske. I spent some time talking with the beat reporter who covers Montana football for the Missoulian to get some first-hand knowledge of Breske's tendencies, as well as dug into some of the advanced statistics from his time as defensive coordinator at Wyoming.

Oregon's Performance Was Quite The Anomaly, Via Cougar Sports Weekly

When Oregon fans are saying they had no reason to expect what happened last night, you should believe them -- this was as out of the blue for them as it was for us. Of course WSU did a lot of things wrong, but Oregon did something to the Cougars that they weren't able to even come close to doing against the three previous terrible opponents they played.

Breaking Down Mike Leach's Favorite Airraid Plays, Via Cougar Sports Weekly

An excerpt from this morning's Cougar Sports Weekly, in which we break down one of the staples of Mike Leach's Airraid playbook, Blue Right 92, more commonly known as "mesh."

An Excerpt From Cougar Sports Weekly, Connor Halliday Edition

In addition to writing about Connor Halliday and his breakout performance, this week's newsletter also included a recap of the soccer team's victory in the NCAA tournament and my preview of Gonzaga-WSU.

An Excerpt From Cougar Sports Weekly

In this week's Cougar Sports Weekly, we take a look at whether the results are matching up with the talent on the football team, and turn a critical eye toward Brock Motum's rebounding skills.

Cougar Sports Weekly: WSU Will Miss DeAngelo Casto's Defense More Than Rebounding

WSU will miss DeAngelo Casto, just probably not in the ways fans initially assume:

An Excerpt From This Morning's Cougar Sports Weekly

In the most recent Cougar Sports Weekly, we explored how WSU can potentially ramp up its effectiveness in the red zone after struggling -- again -- versus the Oregon Ducks.

An Excerpt From Monday's Cougar Sports Weekly

Check out what you've been missing if you're not a Cougar Sports Weekly subscriber.


What You Missed In Cougar Sports Weekly

If you aren't one of the nearly 500 subscribers to Cougar Sports Weekly, here's a snippet of what you missed this morning.

A Sneak Peek At The Cougar Sports Weekly Pac-12 Weekend Preview

In addition to the regular Cougar Sports Weekly that hits email inboxes Monday morning, I send out a Pac-12 weekend preview each Friday (or earlier if there's a Thursday game). Here's a sneak peek at this week's edition, which subscribers will receive tomorrow morning.

What You Missed In This Week's Cougar Sports Weekly

Didn't get this week's Cougar Sports Weekly because you're not yet one of the 400+ subscribers? Here's an excerpt of what you missed.

What You Missed In This Week's Cougar Sports Weekly

If you don't yet subscribe to Cougar Sports Weekly, here's part of what you missed.

Here's What You Missed In The First Cougar Sports Weekly

More than 200 subscribers woke up yesterday to the first Cougar Sports Weekly in their inbox. If you weren't one of them, here's an excerpt of what you missed.

Introducing Cougar Sports Weekly

Announcing Cougar Sports Weekly, an email newsletter written by author Jeff Nusser that recaps the week that was in WSU athletics with analysis and insight.

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