WSU vs. EWU only on Pac-12 Washington Network


I'm a little lost as to what preempted it. Kind of a bummer I guess for those of you outside of the Washington network boundaries. Hopefully all partners have their streaming services working by then (looking at you Comcast).

Wave the Flag Vote


Vote for a city near you to host the 2013 Casting Call, and your story could be featured in the next Wave the Flag campaign!

Faisal Aden Headed To Belgium


Faisal Aden signed with the Stella Artois Leuven Bears who play in the top pro league in Belgium. Here's to hoping Aden continues to make baskets as he begins his professional career.

Aden bounces back


Neat article about what has happened since his injury. I have a difficult time believing that he was getting looks from some NBA teams, but it's really cool that he's come all the way back to being able to play professionally.

Sporcle Quiz Friday


In honor of Felix. 23/25. There was just no way I was going to get 100% on this. Damn you early 80s! I wasn't even born yet.

Dolph Lundgren is a WSU alum


This is the best news I've heard since I found out Mike Leach was going to be a Coug. Did nobody really know this?

The small world of college football


We all sort of know how small the college football world and fraternity is. There were "two" major firings in the State of Washington after last college football season. One was the firing of UW defensive coordinator and former University of Idaho coach Nick Holt. The other wasn't a single firing, per se, but was the firing of the entire Washington State football staff after four tumultuous seasons that never produced more than four wins. Among those let go from Wullf's staff was Jody Sears, a WSU Alumni. Fortunately, Sears was able to land a gig as defensive coordinator at Weber State. But, timing turned out to be everything for Sears. Just as Sears landed in Ogden, Weber State Coach John L. Smith was called by the University of Arkansas to come take the place of scandal embroiled, fired coach Bobby Petrino. Petrino had been involved with a 25 year old mistress that just so happened to be working for the University of Arkansas football team and receiving cash payments from Coach Petrino. The mistress was also was fired for her unethical conduct. Now, if you've been keeping track, we still have one unemployed person and one job to be filled. So, in a very Paul Harvey way, the above link will tell you the rest of the story. .

Sporcle Quiz Friday


23/24. I got those 23 in about a minute, but had no clue what the last one was. Pretty sure a lot of you are going to miss the same one.


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