College Football

Get to know the Scarlet Knights offense


Rutgers finished last season 6-7, return a quarterback no one is particularly thrilled about, and bring in a renowned offensive coordinator that makes everyone collectively shrug at what their...

National media previews the 2014 Cougs


Yesterday, 2 nation media outlets told us what they think about the Cougs. It wasn't great. We'll tell you they were wrong.

HCA: QB and Special Teams position previews


Today we delve into the history of following legendary kickers at WSU, which hopefully bodes well for the newest Cougar lefty.

Checking in on Cougs in NFL preseason


Actual (fake) football games are being played right now. As WSU warms up and rolls towards their season, we take a look at some of our favorite Cougs from the past and examine how their doing in...

HCA: What would you do with $500,000 in Pullman


Mike Leach is the proud new owner of and extra $500,000 per year. In Pullman, that's a lot of dollars.

HCA: WSU begins fall camp. WSU begins fall camp!


The Cougars began their quest for another bowl game on Saturday, taking to the practice field in Lewiston.

Gleason works on better technology for disabled


Former Cougar football player and NFL great was struck with ALS in 2011. Now he dedicates his life to helping people with the disease including helping Microsoft and their "eye gaze" technology.

HCA: Mike Leach goes through ESPN "car wash"


Mike Leach traveled from Media Days in Los Angeles to ESPN, appearing on television and the ESPNU College Football Podcast. He's a big fan of his quarterback.

Pac-12 Media Day: WSU bingo!


Today, WSU takes the podium at Paramount Studios in LA. Press Conferences with Leach are rarely boring, but just to make it a little more fun, we put together a little game of bingo to help you...

HCA: How Optimistic are you for WSU this season?


Would you take a guaranteed seven wins for WSU, or would you take your chances on something better?

How did you become a Cougar fan?


Some of us have been Cougs from birth. Some never really followed WSU until enrolling there. Most probably fall somewhere in-between. What about you?

HCA: WSU Defensive Back depth, and a QB departure


WSU has produced some outstanding defensive backs over the years. That hasn't been the case recently. There is a lot of young potential. Can that potential develop into the great production Cougar...

HCA: Relive all 51 Cougar touchdowns from 2013


Today day marks 50 days until Cougar football. In order to mark the occasion, WSU Sports Video put together a look at every touchdown from the 2013-14 season.

HCA: USA Today Previews WSU Football


Paul Myerberg, one of the smartest college football writers anywhere, thinks WSU Football is headed in the right direction.

Conference realignment cheat sheet


July 1st is the first day that sees some schools officially jump to new conferences. WSU nor the Pac-12 were involved in any realignment, but the changes are important to keep track of none-the-less.

HCA: The Mount Rushmore of WSU Athletics


If you could only select four Cougars to carve into Steptoe Butte, which four would you choose?

HCA: Moos talks the future of the NCAA & white helmets


WSU AD Bill Moos joined Ian Furness and Jason Puckett on KJR AM yesterday to talk about all things college athletics including the new football operations building, the future of college sports and...

HCA: Where is starting experience most important?


The Cougs return a good amount of starters, but two position groups were hit more than all others. Where is starting experience most important?

Comparing WSU's new endzones with others in NCAA


With the news yesterday that the Martin Stadium turn may be getting a graphic design upgrade, we look at designs from around the NCAA and see how it matches up.

HCA: Place your bets on WSU Football's win total


The odds-makers have set the initial betting line on WSU's win total for 2014. Do you think they will win six or more games?

HCA: Moos shows off football operations building


Bill Moos invited media to campus Tuesday to show off the new crown jewel of the football program.

HCA: Which new sports would you like at WSU?


Is there a sport you love, and wish you could watch at WSU? You're in luck. We're holding a WSU Athletics fantasy draft.

The practicality of bowl projections in May


ESPN just released their early bowl projections. Today, we examine just how helpful early projections are and if they are worth the pixels used to display them.

Mike Leach on cargo shorts, nude models, and more


When it comes to discussing football, particulary his own team, Mike Leach is pretty vanilla. When it comes to discussing anything else, his views almost always entertain. This podcast was no...

HCA: Honoring WSU vets, previewing football season


Did you know there is a WSU veterans memorial of campus? How about the fact that a Coug was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor? Today we delve into the history of WSU alums who made their...

Pac-12 leaders make list of proposed NCAA reforms


The presidents from the Pac-12 schools, and other conference leaders, created a short list of reforms to college athletics they would like to see made.

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